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Pen Your Pride

These is based off of the movie Soul Surfer. I DO NOT OWN THE PEOPLE IN THIS FANFIC. I got some of the information from So credit goes to them. By the way I'm putting the shark attack when she is older so it can make more sense for the relationships later in the story.


My name is Bethany Hamilton and I live in Kauai, Hawaii. My parents are Tom Hamilton and Cheri Hamilton. I was raised by two die heart surfers, how could I not have salt water in my veins. Two brothers, that's my answer when people ask why I am so competitive. Liam and Noah. Then there is my best friend Alana. We spent more time wet than dry. My mom was convinced we were mermaids. I knew when I caught my first wave I wanted to be a professional surfer. I have been thriving for that ever since. Today I am competing in the Roxy Qualifying competition here in Kauai. I'm in blue, Alana is in pink, and my biggest competitor, Melina Burch is in black.

'Good luck today Hamilton, you are going to need it." Melina told me.

" Let's let the surfing do the talking.' I replied back.

' Whatever Hamilton.' She snorted back before grabbing her board and walking away.

' Why does she think she is better than everybody else?' Alana asked me

"Who knows, but our heat is coming up lets go get ready.' I replied to Alana.

While we were walking down I could have swore I saw a boy that looked a lot like Liam. But he is in England recording so why would he be here? Oh well focus Bethany. I have to place 5th or better in this competition if I want to go to Regional's. As I was sitting here waiting for the horn for our heat I thought I saw a black quiff. Zayn's signature hairstyle. I was rushed out of my thoughts as I heard the horn for my heat. I ran to the water with my board on one side of me and Alana on the other side of me. I jumped into the water my stomach immediately hitting my board. Let this heat begin. We paddle out far far enough so we could get the beginning of the waves but not the very beginning. When I turned my board around I saw 5 distinct guys that I missed for so long. Only two stood out to me though. My brother, Liam, and Niall. He was so sweet and he loved eating just like me. I snapped out of my thoughts as I saw the first wave of the heat rolling towards us. I got ready and started paddling to it. I wasn't the only one who wanted this wave though. Melina was right beside me paddling after it too. I thought i called dibs on this wave, oh wait we can't call dibs on a wave. I continued paddling. I duck dove under the junk wave that was ,now, behind us. I got ready to go after the wave but Melina beat me to it. She rode the wave perfectly. Great that'll be a good score for her. Waves came and went and I rode some really good ones too. Right now it was Melina in first, Me in second, and Alana in third. After a while that heat was over.

'She totally stole my wave Dad!" I told my Dad as soon as I got back to the beach. 'It's okay next time just try and cup your hands and push the water back. Now are you thirsty?'

I nodded and we walked back to our spot. Sure enough Liam and the rest of One Direction were standing there with smiles lit on their faces. I was engulfed in 'good jobs', 'that was your wave', and ' we missed you's' I took a swig of water and got ready to go back in the water. The boys knew not to disturb me when I am getting ready to go back or into the water at a competition. Once again the last horn of the heat blew and we ran back into the water. We surfed and when the last heat was over we all got ready for awards. I told the

boys to be ready for a huge hug. At awards there was one again another familiar looking guy standing in the back. I soon recognized him as one of the guys from Rip Curl.'..And in Third place we have Alana Blanchard!' I clapped for her as she went and got her trophy.'..Now in Second place we have..Melina Burch!' Oh my gosh that means I must have gotten first!! I am literally bouncing up and down.'..Now our champion and most likely our favorite going into Turtle Bay's Regional Final.. Bethany Hamilton!' I squealed and walked over to get my humongous trophy. I pulled Alana on to the podium with me. I tried to get Melina to get up with us but she just walked off. We ran over to our friends and family as they pulled us into a giant hug. We were clapping and dancing, just having a great time when the guy from Rip Curl walked over and asked to speak with Alana and I. He talked about sponsoring us!! We looked at each other and I said a very excited Yes to my new best friend. Our parents walked over to us and we screamed that he wanted to sponsor us. I could believe we accomplished our goal of getting sponsored by Rip Curl. I turned to our huge group and said " Nothing can go wrong now!"

If I had know what was going to happen, I never would have said those words...

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