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1. Seokjin- the one to write a book on dad jokes. You will probably laugh.Book on how handsome he is.

I am worldwide handsome. Accept it. She is beautiful, but I am more.. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most beautiful of them all?
Of course it's me, worldwide handsome Jin.

2. Namjoon- Will write stories with deep meanings, most of them will be on self love. U will cry while reading his stories. Trending author. U will never get in  his level.

A/n: I seriously dunno what to write, just remember the books u read

3.hoseok- will write stories with happy endings. Extra af.
They lived a happy life with 5 children. The children were very joyous. He loved them. But one day she dropped the spoon and all the hot food was falling . But in time he came and rescued the children from there. All of this was in slow motion......

4.Yoongi- Probably stories on how dumb people are. Has a book titled "I become a rock". Has the smartest characters

Humans are the dumbest creatures ever, like who even celebrates when earth completes one rotation?!so dumb.........

1st way to become a rock

Don't move. Stay still. No human contact............

5. Jimin - The most loved smut writer. Too detailed. All of his books are famous. U will get " Fifty shades of grey "vibes.

He kissed her in her lips.His eyes were full of lust. He slowly carried her to their bedroom. " Stay here, or daddy will be more rough"he said with a seductive tone. And took out handcuffs and a vibrator from the drawer........

6. Taehyung - the alien who writes weird stuff. Has the funniest title ever.

" How I fell in love with panda Express "

Aghhhh, I screamed on top of my lungs, what the actual Frikity frackity flying cat! I just saw a dick, which is smaller than jimin's hand. Like why the heck is this toilet-fairy doing. Boi, has beard, but still wears girly clothes. And why the flying cat would he hit me in my wonderful,awesome big dick?!!!

7.Jungkook- artistic stuff. Can write stories, where he is a bad boi and falls in love with a bad girl.Never loses.

*beautiful drawings, remember that Demian drawing? *

Meet y'll in next chapter, I am fucking crazy.

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