Chap. 8

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Mackenzie's POV

"Pick an outfit," Nicole called. "You have ten minutes to get ready. Roni is headed over right now."

"Where's Trin?" I asked, leafing through the bag of outfits.

"She's almost ready. But the drama department isn't here yet, which is weird because they're never late." She took a deep breath. "But it'll be alright." Her cell phone went off and she walked off, answering it.

I picked a pair of designer skinny jeans and a green blouse. I paired it with a pair of Couture heels. I sifted through the jewelry and found a silver, chunky necklace to complete the outfit.

"Sit," Veronica ordered, hurrying inside, her posse right behind her. "Nicole is trying to put me on a schedule. Ridiculous notion, like beauty has a schedule!" They rubbed the gritty scrub all over my face and then some lotion.

Veronica set to work on my make-up, muttering to herself. "Thick eyeliner?" she asked, hopefully.


"You guys are so boring!" She finished and then ordered me to open my eyes, handing me a mirror.

"You're a genius," I said, studying my perfect face.

"That's my calling, I know." She packed up her stuff and snapped her fingers. "Call me if you need me. But seriously, just don't need me. Nicole wants me to do a million and one other things." With a sigh she hurried out.

I chuckled and headed outside. Nicole was positioning her cameras, barking orders.

"Hey Nikki, where do you want me?" I asked.

"Can't talk, freaking out!"

"What's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" she screeched. "What isn't wrong? The drama department can't come, Drake's extremely ill, and I'm freaking out!"

"Call The Crew, I'm sure they'll help Trinity out."

"I'm not calling on them for help. I don't need them or their help."

"Call them," Trinity ordered, coming out from behind the photo booth. "Drake insists he'll make it through this, but he's puking his guts up back there."

Drake came lumbering out from behind the building. "Okay, I'm good."

"I'm not kissing you," Trinity said, raising his eyebrows.

He chuckled. "I figured as much. I don't think I'll be doing much kissing." He held up a tooth brush and tooth paste. "But for the record, I did brush my teeth."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm supposed to be dating him?"

He wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "Oh yeah baby, you get the whole package."

Trinity and I burst into giggles, and Nicole rolled her eyes. "Focus!"

"I'll call the boys, they'll come for me," Trinity said, pulling out her phone. She stepped off to the side.

"I hate that I have to use them," Nicole muttered, storming off.

"So you're the girl I'm having an affair with?" Drake asked, with a smile.

"Apparently," I said. His charisma was strong, and I couldn't help but smile.

"Well I'm Drake, it's nice to meet you."

"Nicole sent me over to here to film some love scenes between you two," Ashley said.

"Awesome," Drake said, pulling me over to the milk jug game.

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