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She had to leave, even though she came such a long way, where she thought she would be eliminated in the first two weeks to staying for 3 months and being named as a strong contender among others, she had to do this, nothing is more than your heart,this show was nothing compared to the turmoil her heart was going through, giving up her life was the first thought that crossed her mind after the dreadful conversation with Sidharth, but she had to stay strong at least for her brother who stood by her through her bad times ,leaving from here from this place was the only solution she could think of, and she did what she had to do, spoke to Biggboss about it.

She came back from the confession room, Sidharth noticed her, he knew she had been crying,her swollen eyes, her puckered lips, the little button nose was in a deep shade of red now, he hated doing this to her, but he had to, he was determined, least he'd known that he had hit the nail in the coffin, he wondered why she was called into the confession room, he though it might be related to her clothes, she was whining since 2 days to send her some clothes, he brushed of thinking it was about it.

The channel was in a shock.She was their TRP, never in their dreams the channel would want Shehnaaz to leave the show, she was their way to encash the profits, the TRP's were to the roof when there were Sidnaaz moments in the episode and Shehnaaz was enough to carry the episode and it was loved by the audience, they would do anything possible to make her stay.The Makers of the show were informed she was willing to leave the show, and was ready to face the consequences also, they were hell bent on making her stay on the show.

The makers knew she was naive, they knew how to play with her emotions, that is what they did with her on the weekend with the jealousy task, they would do anything in their power to make her stay and they knew she was easily gullible and always thanked Biggboss for her success and they were going to use this as a weapon and make her stay, the Assistant Executive head Mr.Devendar Kumar had come down to speak to her, they were gonna toy her with all the emotions and make her stay.

Biggboss chahte hai ki, ghar ke sare sadasya living area mein aekatrirt hojaye, came the announcement ,nomination task was announced and they were asked to choose one contestant they wanted to save, all the housemates were into planning and plotting except Sidharth and Shehnaaz.

Sidharth never discussed his game plan with anyone ,he always did what came to his mind , he was never a kiss and tell person, he was straight forward, and he could shut people out with a single look, his aura spoke a thousand words. Shehnaaz here, she was dull, she was tired, she was exhausted with what life has thrown her way, he noticed every move of her's ,he wanted to talk to her, take her in his arms, but he couldn't, he wanted to give her time, he wanted to make her happy, she always complained that he choose Arti over her, today he was going to make her happy,he was gonna choose her, he was gonna save her, but not before giving her a chota sa jhatka,shock her,and then do what he wanted to do.

It was time for the nominations and as always Sidharth wanted to go first, he though he was given an oppurtunity to save two people.

"Biggboss mein Arti ko save karna chahta hoon kyunki sirf woh hi meri dost hai yaha' aur doosra..." he spoke his words and first chose Arti as someone who he would save just to tease his Shehnaaz ,but before he could choose the second name he was corrected by Paras saying ,only one person was to be chosen, he didn't know it, otherwise he would never hurt her, not intentionally, especially after the morning conversation, he saw her face, her face hung low, she was silent, neutral, he knew that look, that look of disappointment, he so wanted to say Sorry and take back Arti's pyada ,but he couldn't do it, it didn't seem right, he thought she would understand, but he didn't knew what was awaiting his way.

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