Meeting Galadhwen & Flora

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Timi-Drage ran through a forest, her long, reddish-brown hair getting attacked by branches and twigs as she tried to outrun the Orcs. She cursed herself for being so forgetful and ignored the thorns prickling at her feet.


A thicker part of the forest was up ahead. The Orcs couldn't get through that part. She continued to run through the forest until she lost sight of them. Smirking to herself, she sat down at the base of a golden tree, breathing in and out deeply.

Calm and quiet.


A rustle of twigs snapped her back into reality.

"Who's there?" She bellowed, getting up, taking out her small pin.

Galadhwen's cloak masked her in the treetop, leaves covering her small figure as the branches moved to conceal her. She still had a view of the stranger below and stared with amazement at the small weapon in her hand. Flora Evangeline was a hobbit with fiery red hair and startling blue eyes, who hid with Galadhwen, the Elf of Lothlorien.

"I bear you no ill will," Timi tried again.

It was silent until two women emerged from the undergrowth. Galadhwen was a tall, blonde woman with a flowing white dress and the other a shorter fiery-looking redhead.

The blonde Elf -Timi was sure she was an Elf- had beautiful blue eyes and the Hobbit too had startling crystal-blue eyes and was dressed in a fancy-looking dress and carried a curious bracelet and a dagger.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"This is my forest stranger," the blonde spoke, stepping forward. "Who are you?"

She narrowed her eyes at both of them and drew her spear, just to be safe. "Timi-Drage, Princess of Arda."

"I am Galadhwen," she smiled. "Daughter of Lady Galadriel of Lothlorien."

"Ah your father had helped me many time," Tími sighed in relief. "Food and shelter would be welcome."

"Should a princess wear something more sensible?" the Hobbit smirked. "Other than rags spattered with mud?"

"Mind your tongue!" Timi barked, her neck suddenly glimmered with scales that quickly disappeared. She took note of the Hobbit's cautious glances at her neck. "You clearly do not know who you are speaking with!"

"Well you do not know who you are speaking with!" the Hobbit spat back.

"Well, well, well," Timi decided to be a bit hostile with them. "And who might you be? A Hobbit of the Shire?"

The hobbit turned red and bit her lip. "And why might you be concerned about where I come from?"

"Do cooperate," Timi snarled, feeling her temper boil up, her eyes flashing golden.

"See here Princess," the  Hobbit stammered a little, obviously terrified, Galadhwen grasping her hand and slowly backing away. "I apologise my Princess, but..."

"No I will not listen!" she shouted, feeling the rage engulf her and her dangerous form took over and the young woman was a dragon. The Hobbit gazed with awe and fear at the dragon as the Elf quickly climbed the tree.

"Climb up quick Flora!" She cried.

"Flora is it?" the low rumble came as the dragon looked at both of them with fire and anger. The anger which consumed her was alarming and Timi was aware of it and tried to suppress it.

The trees seemed to be alarmed and tried to drape the two and shield them from Timi's wrath. As Tími moved in for the kill, a sudden change of heart took over and she shrunk back into a human. Her dress was in shreds and Timi-Drage looked miserable and Flora Evangeline started to feel guilty and embarrassed. Her eyes were bloodshot and seemed to be tired of crying. Galadhwen thought that Timi looked centuries-old yet young and fresh at the same time.

"I apologise," Timi stammered, curling into a ball. "It's just been so long. I haven't changed in a long time."

"I am to blame," Flora settled down next to her, feeling a bit cautious but couldn't help feel bad for her. "Who are you?"

"Don't you ever listen Hobbit?" she laughed weakly. "I am Princess Tími-Drage, only child of Manwë Súlimo and Varda Élentari. Immortal Lady of Ea."

" My father never mentioned you," Galadhwen looked puzzled, her legs swinging from the branches of her tree. "What is your story?"

Timi smirked. "I am always there, always significant. But never mentioned. I was born to my parents after the forging of The Two Lamps and came here when the Two Trees were destroyed. They held a huge banquet in my honour. Everyone was invited, except for my Uncle Morgoth. When he found out, he was furious And cursed me to remain a woman during the day and a dragon during the night. Ever since then, I've been on this land, fighting in battles, fending off enemy attack, attending banquets and unions.  I've seen it all, Death of Ancalagon, union of Beren and Luthien. All save for one."

"Which one was that?" The words fell from Galadhwen's mouth before she realised they might have been impolite.

"The Death of the Last Worm," she spoke solemnly.

"Smaug," Flora furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "You lived in Erebor?"

Timi bit her lip.


"What were you doing there?"

"If I were as nosy as you, I'd ask why a young Hobbit like you has wandered far away from the Shire," Timi chuckled and a smirk appeared on her face.

"Bilbo Baggins' name and mine is well-known in these lands," Flora replied haughtily.

"Hush Flora," Galadhwen chided and turned towards Timi. "I know the tales. I know of them all but sadly I have never seen anything so magnificent. It is forbidden." Sadness and resentment rang through her melodic voice as she tucked a stray lock of hair into place.

"I hope one day you will see a magnificent tale unfold right before your eyes," Timi put a comforting hand on Galadhwen' shoulders and a sapphire brooch fell out.

The three of them stared at the brooch before Timi hid it once more.

"Who gave you that?" Flora asked, getting up. She held out her hand for Timi to hold onto.

Timi froze and took a deep breath. "It was a very long time ago. You don't need to bother yourself with such a trivial object."

It is not a trivial object, her mind whispered. If it was, you would have thrown it into the Lake.

"I am glad whoever gave me the brooch is dead," Timi put on a brave face but Galadhwen looked into her eyes and saw right through the Warrior's facade.





"Are you?" a foreign voice asked and the Lady of Ea paled on recognising the voice. "Are you happy?"


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