Some kind of faith

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I know that everything happens for a reason.

Through all the hardships I have dealt with, I knew that it had to happen. I thought it was magic. Magic kept me alive. I still believe in it and I know that it exists. It's one of those things that you know is bound to be alive. It's like destiny. You know that it exists and it guides you somewhere. Somewhere that is right for you. Guiding you to the right path and the right place. It's not a coincidence. It all happens for a reason.

The day my mother was diagnosed with cancer, my whole family crumbled. But I knew it was meant to be. Fate or destiny whatever you call it. I had no expression. Only hope. Others would cry or just wish for it to go away but everything just fits in the way magic puts it. Like how you exist. It's magic that you exist right now. It was meant for you to be born and embark your journey of earth. If you are poor or rich or lonely, trust me, this was supposed to be for you.

Magic happens for a reason 《On Hold》Where stories live. Discover now