Chapter 3- I Never Told You What I Did for a Living

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I wink at Kellin, and we both aim at Vic and pull the trigger.

"Hey!" he yells, trying not to smile as we soak his long hair. We laugh wickedly and high-five each other, and then my back is soaked by someone. I whip around and fire at Mike, who soon runs off in another direction.

By now, the group has made their way near the Now Playing bus (that's my band). And Steph, to her misfortune, walks right into the fight. Jaime wastes no time and fired a jet of water at her, soaking her shirt. Her white shirt. We both glare at Jaime and I run over to Steph. She holds up a now-soaked piece of paper and says "That was our setlist." I tell her to go back to the bus and change her shirt, but she shakes her head.

"Just get me a gun. I'm gonna kill that bastard." I so as she asks, and soon the five of us (me, Steph, Kellin, Jack, and Vic) have everyone else cornered. But to my utter dismay, PTV's manager told them that they needed to go get ready for their performance. We reluctantly put the water guns away and returned to our perspective buses.

Except for Kellin. Kellin followed me and Steph onto our bus and then addressed Steph saying "Well thanks for making her do that, but it would be nice if you could keep out of other people's business." Steph makes a face at him, winks at me, and then goes to the back of the bus, leaving Kellin and I alone.

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