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Aqua POV

Calum: hey I'm sorry for being such a complete asshole

Calum: call me

45 minutes ago

Calum: Aqua come on I know what I said was wrong but just give me a chance

Calum: babe lets fuck

20 minutes ago

Calum: I don't mean that just seeing what you were going to say

Calum: Aqua :'(

Calum: I'm sorry

Calum: you are the best thing that has ever happened to me

2 hours ago

Calum: I love you Aqua

"Oh look what this asshole sent me." I showed Marie.

"Why don't you give him another chance everyone deserves another chance." Marie said.

"Not really, I sure hope I don't see him at our first day back at school." I said turning my phone off.

"And If you do?"

"Then you're gonna be the cousin you are and curse his ass out." I laughed.

Leah: -new picture message-

Leah: what should I wear tomorrow

Me: crop top and skinny jeans with your black toms

Leah: hmmm

"So what is Branson like?" Marie asked.

"He's bae that's all you need to worry about." I said standing my group making sure that she will never fall In love with him.

"Ooooh kay." She said picking up her phone opening twitter.

"Follow me on twitter." I said taking her phone and typing in my user name.

"Follow back?."



"Maybe obviously is our bitch code." I laughed.

"Hahahahaha." Marie laughed.

"Damn I didn't think I was that funny."

Babeson: Hey baby

Babeson: can I come over

Me: I'm sorry but my cousin is here and I'm preparing her for school tomorrow

Babeson: too bad I'm already here and I have food.

Me: :)

"Aqua Branson is here!" my mom yelled.

"Coming!" I yelled.

Me and Marie both got up off of my bed and went down stairs.

I don't know why she's coming, he's MY boyfriend and only brought ME food.

"Hey babeson where's my food?" I asked.

"Chipotle, burrito bowl with corn,black beans,brown rice,lettuce,steak,tomatoes,cheese,guacamole,and a Dr.Pepper." he said handing the bag.

"Thanks, come on we're going in my room." I said grabbing his hand and running up the stairs.

"Ill just stay down here." Marie said.

I completely ignored the fact that she was even here. LOL oh well.


Dedication to Marie haha I don't know you're actual name but yeah.

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