Same Mistakes

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I look at Harry and see him look pleadingly at me then I see Zayn pull out something and then a gun shot breaks the silence and I look at Harry and see him look at his chest then fall to the ground and I then feel my ears pop up and I pull my tail out of my pants then run towards Harry and I then push Zayn away and I roll Harry onto his back and I see a dart in his chest so I then yank it out and say "Liam!!" And Liam appears next to me and he says "It's only a sleep dart." And I say "Let's take him to his house ok." And Liam nods and I pick Harry up and he starts purring loudly and I sigh and carry him to my car and gently slide him into the passenger seat and buckle him up and then drive him to his house with directions from Liam and then when we get there I get out of the car and gently pick up Harry and carry him to the door and wait for Liam who then opens the door for me and I walk in and then go upstairs and to Harry's room only to get stopped by Niall who says "What the hell is he doing here?!" And I say "Trying to protect my boyfriend!!" And Niall says "Boyfriend?" And I say "Yeah and also I helped him with Zayn when you two were to busy in school to notice!!" And my eyes change from there regular blue to blue cat eyes

And Niall says "Never mind I thought you were normal like Zayn." And I say "Yeah he's actually a hybrid too but he's a tame wolf hybrid." And I say "Niall can you move." And he does and I walk into Harry's room and lay him gently on his cat bed and then after a few minutes he wakes up and says "Louis!!" And then kisses me and then I say "Party time." And I help him up and together we walk outside and down the street to Liam's house which we then walk inside.


And then after a few drinks we play truth or dare and Niall says "Louis truth or dare?" And Louis says "Dare." And Niall says "I dare you to fuck Harry." And I freeze and glare at Niall before getting pulled to the bedroom where I then get stripped and I say "Louis just do it already!!" And he says "Impatient are we kitten?" And I say "Just do it!!" And then I feel him enter me making me growl agonizingly loudly and then after ten minutes he releases and I release onto his chest which he then licks with his cat like tongue and then we dress and walk outside well me limping from the agonizing pain I'm in and I say "Lou lets go home." And he nods

And picks me up making my ears fold onto my head and then making me hiss and he strokes my ears then gently rubs my cheek making me nip at him and then when he rubs my nose I bite him hard and then he says "Harry." And I come back to reality and I release his hand and say "Sorry just lost myself." And he says "It's alright tired?" And I say "Yeah." Then I fall asleep against his chest as he carries me home and then I feel myself getting put down and then I feel someone lay down beside me and I wrap my tail around his waist and purr loudly and he says "Your such a child." And I say "Age is just a number. Maturity is a choice." And that's when I suddenly feel something coming up so I roll off the bed and stand and say "I'll be back." And then quickly walk into the bathroom and throw up and then I go back to Louis and say "Lou can you call Liam I think I need to get checked out." And he says "Sure kitten."

And then a few minutes later the doorbell rings and I go answer it and I see not Liam but Zayn so I say "Hey Zayn what do you want?" And he says "To apologize and I was hoping we could be friends." And I say "Sure you know where Liam's house is right?" And he nods and I say "Can you take me there?" And he nods and I say "Lou I'll be back I'm going to Liam's!!" And he says "Be safe kitten!!" And I laugh then shut the door and walk down the walkway with Zayn following and then we walk in the street to Liam's house when I notice a car heading for Zayn so I quickly run and push him out of the way just as the car hits me painfully in the back and side and then I feel my tail get crushed then I hear Zayn say "Harry!!" And in response I let out a weak "Hurts." Before the darkness swallows me.

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