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Little Mary

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  • Dedicated to Marissa a.k.a My sister

One day Little Mary is in Religious studies, she's falling asleep in class again when the teacher asks her "And Mary, who is The Son of God?" littly Jimmy sitting one chair behind Mary Came to the rescue and stabbed Mary in the butt with a needle "Jeesus Christ!" Mary cries as the teacher moves on mary falls back into her sleepy doze.
Once again the teacher comes to Mary "who is our Lord and Saviour?" Jimmy again stuck her with the needle "Oh my God!" she yelped this time once again in the clear. Near the end of class Mary was asked one final question "what did Mary say when she had her eleventh child?" Before jimmy had a chance Mary stood up and yelled "you stick tht thing in me one more time and i sware you will pay for it!"... the teacher fainted.

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