Chapter 2.

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Rainbow Dash's POV

"Don't! I'm trying to help you!" I yelled when they tried to shut the door. "I'm trying to help you eggheads! Don't shut that door!" I growled as I started pointing my hook at them. "Whats this thing?" I asked as I looked at my hook. "Anyways, I'm the only good one here! I'm trying to protect you! The one behind all of this is not us! The game is starting to corrupt the other's minds, or memory banks or whatever. Theres this creepy marionette guy who possesed Applejack and now shes gone and turned everyone into soulless animatronics! (I know they're haunted by children, but this is just the pony version so, yeah.) They think you're actually indoskeletons outside of their suits so they KILL you to put you in the suit!" I whispered. "Woah, slow down hotshot! What your saying is, your nice?" Ty asked me. "Yes. Did you not just hear me? Any questions?" I flatly asked. "Yes, is there food?" Adam asked. I stared at him as I walked back over to Pirate's Cove when I got behind the curtain, Fluttershy and Pinkie were gone.

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