Chapter 1.

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Adam's POV

"What the fuck? HOLY SHIT WERE IN FNAF!" I yelled as I stared at the room with the doors and everything. "Adam, you have to look at this." Ty whispered as he passed the camera over, it was looking at the Show Stage with what seems to be three brightly colored ponies standing on the stage. I-I remember them! That random parkour map! I remember! "Guys remember them?" I whispered to the others. Mitch looked at the camera and looked at Pirates Cove as well, "Um, are the curtains at Pirates Cove open?" Mitch asked. Quentin switched over into the West Hall. "Shit, someones there!" Quentin yelled as Seto peeked out and saw one of the ponies with an eye-patch and a hook. We went to press the button when the pony yelled "Stop!"

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