chapter 2

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Lyidas P.O.V:
We board the plane but im not ready to board it to a different state that i dont know about. We finally find our seats and sit but i called the window seat. I look out the window and start crying on my moms shoulder.

Mom: shh sweetie i know its hard

Me: you dont get it. I have lived here my whole life and i am just leaving my friends and other family behide because of his stupid job.

Dad: Im sorry it wasnt my choice to move out to California. I didnt want to take bt if i didnt then the would throw us out on the street and and we would have no place to stay.

Me: Okay i understand but this will change everything in my life my friends school family. I left one of the most important person i know besides you guys behind.

Mom and Dad: about that we have a little suprise when we get there.

I nodded and put my head phones and blasting music to Shawn Mendes: Life of The Party. I love him so much. When i am feeling down and sad i will always listen to his music. One thing that i want to do is see him with the rest of Magcon people. My favorite is Cameron Alexander Dallas. ( should she like him and get bullied by him or like go to the concert thing and like meet then like be friends then find out that the live in the same area)


Hey guys this was probably the most suckiest chapter i ahve done leave me a comment on what i should do.

Love you guys,

Meri :*

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