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Each students lined up infront of Midnight by class, some gawked at her hero outfit while others felt uncomfortable or perverted.

"Seeing her wearing that type of outfit makes me just wanna turn gay.."

Izuku mumbled to Kendo who stifled a laugh, complete disgust in his eyes as he adjusted the glasses on his face.

"And now the representative of the students is Katsuki Bakugou from Class 1-A!!"

Midnight announced as some of the students from Class 1-A was shocked to hear that Bakugou was representing..having a readable expression of determination and a high confidence bar.

"I pledge..to be number one."

He said in the microphone as the class stiffened, was he serious?!

"What is he doing?! He's just getting the other classes to hate us more!"

"I knew he'd do that!"

While the other classes retaliated.

"What the heck?!"

"Stop messing around!"

"You're so full of yourselves, Class 1-A!"

"You sludge bastard!!"

Iida went out of his class to go a lecture Katsuki, his arms doing robotic gestures as he done so.


"At least become a nice bouncy step for me to jump off."

He retorted as he formed his hands into a thumbs down to the other classes, Tetsutetsu being very offended shouted out.


"Calm down Tetsutetsu."

Izuku ordered the metal quirked boy who was startled a bit but proceeded to calm down, Bakugou glared at the angel winged boy who just tiredly stared back at him.

"I'll crush you ya damn extra."

"I'd like to see you try Mr.Confident In His Ass."

Izuku replied with a small smirk as Katsuki had a tick mark form in his head, growled as he slowly walked down on the podium whispers began to form in the crowd.

"What the heck was that about?"

"I'm not sure but he has some beef with Class 1-B Vice President.."

"I wonder what happened between them."

"Hey Namida~Kun what's going on between you and that Explosion dude?"

Awase asked the angel boy who just shrugged it off, convinced them that he just had a grudge against him.


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