... always you"

"me?" I pull away and stare at her

"I thought it was crazy, when you stopped me. Out of all the people it was you. It's probably the drugs talking, I wanted you to notice me at school... but you don't even know me or my name"

"Why me?"

"I dunno, you were just so nice. You bumped into me and all my books spilt and you helped me and asked if I was alright" she shrugs

" Really? Will you have me now. Here I'll give you my number, okay? call me whenever" I scrawl my number onto a fallen candy wrapper.

"yeah no, I'm over that silly crush. I'm so done believing in rainbows and hapilly ever afters calum" she laughs softly, she tucks the wrapper in the jacket pocket.

"Why is that?" I frown slightly

"Have you not heard my story? I'm a substance abusing, broke, anorexic slut"

" All these problems can be fixed, just let me help you"

"sure, but people still think I'm a slut and my reputation is ruined. Wake up calum, we live on a island. It's so small, I went to the market on the other side of town and the high school boys all wanted free --"

"Okay I get it, but you don't have to live up to their expectations. Stop thinking so close minded"

"Well fuck you. You don't understand. I've made up my mind, okay. Bye Calum Fucking Hood"

" Hey, please come back. I'm sorry" I yell

"I'll see you in another life calum, bye"

"Stay, just wait okay? Wait until you're sober" I yell

It's frustrating, what do you yell when you don't know their name. I can't report her or look for her parents, how do I even describe her.

I rush into the car and drive around, but she's no where in sight. By now it's 12 and she's made her decision.

I receive a drunken text from Michael

To: Calum

From: Mikey

matE. u missd ott on thr pizza. sukker. Luke said time fur bed, I dont wat to.. pwease stp him

To: Mikey

From: Calum

Luke is right. Go to sleep, remember school tomorrow.

I toss my phone into the seat next to me. My superficial problems all seem petty when I think about the girl with the goofiest smile and ballet slippers.

"Why is it always me? Huh? Everyone I try to help, ends up worse" No one responds... of course no one responds it's 12 and I'm alone. I drive home and open the door is to see my mum waiting at the kitchen table.

"Sorry, I ran into some trouble on my way back home. I'm fine though" I kiss her and take her mug to the sink cleaning it.

"good, I thought you were gonna do a runner like the ones Mali use to do." she

" No, I ran into someone who needed help"

"oh, that's nice. everything okay now?" she asks

I pause heading up the stairs before turning around and answering "I don't know"


"night, mum"

I pull out last year's yearbook, the only problem is that there are too many kids and michael and luke decided to doodle over everyone's picture.


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