Zayn break up imagine.

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You and Zayn have been having a lot of trouble with your relationship and things were getting bad. You both always found a reason to fight. You were suppose to go over to Zayn’s for a movie, but he hasn’t called or texted you. You ended up getting ready and heading over. While you’re driving over, you got a text from Zayn. “Hey, we need to talk, come over” you texted back saying, “i’m on my way”. You arrived 10 minutes later. You walked in. “Zayn”? You walked in the living room and saw Zayn on his laptop. He looked up from his laptop, and his eyes were all red.”Zayn what’s wrong” You asked, walking over to him. “I think we should, break up” Zayn said. “What?” You backed up a little bit from him. “Things are getting worse everyday, and i’m done fighting with you, about the stupidest crap”. You just stared at Zayn. Is it really true? is he breaking up with me?” Well, I hope you find miss right one day, since i’m not her” You yelled. You grabbed your keys, phone, and jacket and left. While in the car, you bawled your eyes out. You were punching the steering wheel , you were screaming. How could Zayn break up with you, when he said last night, you were his everything?. You got a call from Liam. “hello” You said. Liam could obviously tell you were crying.”babe what’s wrong?” He said worryingly. “Zayn broke up with me”. You said. “HE WHAT?” Liam basically yelled into the phone. “yeah” you said. “where are you?” Liam said. “I’m going back to my house, why?” You asked. “i’m coming to get you” Liam said. He hung up the phone before you were able to react. You arrived your house, to see Liam already leaning on his hood. You pulled up. You got out and hugged him.”I miss him so much, Liam” You cried. “I know, we’re going to fix this” Liam said. You pulled back. “He doesn’t want anything to do with me he said. “if he’s done, i’m done” You said. You tried walking away but out of nowhere, Harry stopped you. “babe, go back to Zayn” “he just called me, saying how that was the worst mistake of his life”. harry said. “well, if he wants me so bad, tell him to come get me”. You said. You walked in to your apartment, and slammed the door. You heard Harry and Liam talking but you couldn’t understand what they were saying. You went upstairs and went into your bathroom. You locked the door so no one could get in. You went and sat next to the toilet. You sat there for what seemed like for ever crying. You stood up and walked into your bedroom. You still had your heels and tight black dress on, so you were still looking hot.


You heard downstairs on your door. You walked downstairs and opened the door. There stood the one and only CODY SIMPSON!!!!! “Hi, are you Bree he asked? “Yes” you replied. “Hi, i’m Cody. Your manager called me saying to come by your house, and see how you are doing!” “oh, well please come in!” You said. You looked over at harry and Liam who were sitting in there car across the street. You gave them a sassy look then closed the door. Cody was sitting on the couch. “Do you want anything to drink”? You asked. “no thanks!” He replied. His accent was such a turn on. “so how you doing” he asked.” horrible” you said. “aw, why babe?” he said. Sounding exactly like Zayn. You told him why. “i’m sorry babe!” It’s okay. “i’m going to a cafe tomorrow morning, to work on a song, you should come with!” He offered.” yes i would really like that”! Cody threw on his jacket and left. Liam and harry left also.

Next morning ~

You set your alarm for 8:30am. For some reason, you weren’t really bothered by Zayn. Yes, he lingered in your mind and heart but. He’s moved on, (supposably.) You threw on a leather jacket with a scarf and black uggs boots, with  a white tank top and blue skinny jeans. You curled your hair. You got in your car and made your way downtown. You checked your phone, while you were waiting for Cody.  20 missed calls, from Liam. You called Liam. 

ring ring, ring ring.*

“Hello” Liam said. “Hey, you called’ You said. “yeah, it’s about Zayn” He continued. “I told you, I don’t want--” “ Bree just listen” Liam cut you off. “he’s so down, and depressed he looks like walking death.” “he won’t eat, or drink and he won’t sing”. “Make up please, before One Direction gets split up” Liam threatened. “You think this is my fault? He broke up with me” You said. “please” Liam said. “He can’t undo this mistake” you hung up. Right as you hung up, the heart throb Cody shows up. He looked hot. You both went and sat down. He took out his guitar and both started singing. Your voices were heaven together. It’s like they were ment to be played together. You and Cody finished a song, and went to the recording studio. You went in Cody’s and left your car at the Cafe'. You arrived at the studio and they hooked you up in the booth. You and Cody sat across from each other. Unfortunately it was the same recording studio as Zayn, so if you saw him it would be bad. You used the same booth as the boys so they were about to show up anytime. Cody started playing his guitar and you sang. He came in singing.

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