~10~ a delectable lollipop

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I fell straight into his trap. I’m not giving in so easily. My fingers bunch up into fists and I try to pummel at his stomach. I doubt he feels anything — his chest is one hard muscled form…

“This animosity between us, makes our desire stronger. Makes it more exciting, don’t you think?” His eyes are clouded with lust. 

I give him a fearless look. My arms are now pinned to my sides. The soft wool of his jacket lapel teasingly brushes against my face. He’s just a small, pathetic man.

“Is that all? Your wife’s waiting for you at home,” I say pointedly. 

His palm presses against my lips. What the hell… This man’s crazy. 

Mr Zeepler eases an eye-hook away from the packet. 

“This is my birthday present to you — you’re a woman now,” he slides the eye-hook into the lace edging of my bra, “Seems The Zeeplers invitation to your eighteenth were mislaid…” 

I experience a sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach. The hook snags against black lace as he pulls the cup down, exposing my left breast. Mr Z exhales — deep contentment glides over his features. Is this his pathetic attempt at seduction? The cup-hook slivers lazily against my flesh. It dips down to trace my curves… 

I’m still as a statue — I don’t want a hook sticking out of me — who knows how crazy Mr Z is? Cold, shiny metal skims the tip of my breast. The hook gives me a jolt to my system; ice caressing sensitive, tender skin. Utterly absorbed, Mr Z abandons it and I vaguely hear the metal clatter to the ground. His hand takes over…

Beautiful,” he breathes, “I’ve dreamed of this moment — they’re better than I imagined. Such exquisite skin…” 

A lazy series of strokes and caresses descend against my skin. His soft, warm hand encircles the underside and weighs my breast languidly. A low, deep groan of pleasure escapes from his lips — he’s in utter ecstasy. It’s laughable that he’s even in a hardware store — those hands are too manicured. Mr Z’s no handyman.

“Tell me how to please you. I always try to satisfy a lady…” His eyes plead with me.

I’m surprised — submission doesn’t really suit Mr Zeepler…

This man needs to get his brain checked. His palm drops away from my mouth momentarily. 

My heart is pounding — so fast, I can’t think. Or breathe.

A confident smile crosses his face as he swiftly pushes the other bra cup to one side. I’m totally exposed now. His grip is more forceful, insistent, firmer. Less gentler. A wedding band grazes against my skin. It seems Mr Zeepler’s beyond the point of caring about his vows…

His voice hardens with impatience “Why so silent, Amelie? I insist — speak.

Frustration drips from each of his words. I’m not giving this man the satisfaction of doing as he says… 

Wait—are you stupid, girl? Don’t be stubborn. Scream for help.

I smile evilly. “If you insist…” 

I open my mouth to let out a scream.

Mr Z’s eyes widen and panic darts across his face. The palm slaps back over my mouth. Looks like that plan was a no-go. No matter. This is Mr Zeepler. He’s bound to make a mistake. I can make my escape then…

I’ll convince him that I’m softening towards him.

His thumb starts to rub circles around the bud of my breast. Leisurely as always. It’s agonising… 

My mind protests, but I can’t believe my body is actually responding to his touch. My breasts have become taut. Unexpectedly, a ripple of delight courses through my body.

“So you like this then?” His eyes soften.

I grimace at him. Those obscene fingers continue to exert more pressure… 

“Such sweet, flowering rosebuds. They’re just waiting to blossom under my ministrations…”

When is he going to make a mistake? I watch the dust particles floating in the air. 

Dad’s voice shatters the moment. “Amelie! What’s taking so long? Have you helped, Mr Zeepler?” 

I freeze. 

Mr Z’s head cocks towards Dad’s voice, and slowly turns back round to face me. A mocking smile lingers on his finely-curved lips. “Forget Daddy. You certainly please me.”

I’m just going to lull him until I see my opportunity. Once he’s caught up in a moment of passion, I’ll knee him or something. 

“You’ve dreamed of this, haven’t you, Amelie? I’ve noticed your coquettish glances towards me.”

Yeah, Mr Zeepler — continue to delude yourself. The man has a sudden idea — he takes out a screw-eye and entwines the loop end over the tip of my breast. I wonder if this is what he gets up to with Mrs Z? Somehow that image doesn’t quite gel. Unlikely — he’s getting too excited…

“They’re responding now,” he murmurs huskily, “Looks like a delectable lollipop…”

His eyes sparkle with merriment. I’ll admit, all this exuberance is certainly infectious… 

“Bloom, my rosebuds! Bloom!” 

He didn’t just say that… 

How much more pathetic can this man get? Is this my introduction to the joys of love-making? Thanks, Mr Z, for shattering my romantic dreams.

“I’d love to see you flush all over…” His cheeks tint with colour.

I look down at my heaving chest in horror — a rosy blush is spreading over my skin. Betraying me.

Bad Amelie — why are you responding to Mr Z? I can never look at myself in the mirror again…

“I want to taste you, lick you, kiss you…”  Mr Zeepler sucks in a ragged breath. His blond head dives in the direction of my breasts…

His grip around my mouth slackens and a pink box falls and hits his head. I do as promised and knee him in the gr0in — my own gift to him.

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