leah's imprinting

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Hey guys .. I hope I'm doing okay since nobody commented on how I am doing so here goes

Chapter 4

Leah's PROV

I walk in a daze, I don't even notice Jake shooting glances at me, until he spoke

"Leah you okay?" I look up startled

"Yeah, Jake what just happend?" He looks at me and shakes his head

"You just imprinted Leah" I look at the ground "Yeah I thought so too. But I couldn't believe it, I mean I'm just confused" Jake laughs "Relax Leah, everything's gonna work out, I mean he already likes you" I just shook my head and laughed with Jake. I still could not believe it and just as I was about to phase my phone rang. I piked up and heard the most beautiful voice I ever heard. "Hey Leah I hope its not to soon for me to phone, but I just missed your voice, I hope you don't mind" I giggled nervously "No its fine, um hi" he is silent for a while then asked "Leah do you mind going on a date with me tomorrow night? I mean if you don't want to then that's okay" I didn't say anything for awhile then realized I had to answer him "Uhm yeah, I would love that" he laughed "Okay meet you at 7 at the park, goodnight pretty Leah" I hung up and stood there in a daze until I realized I was going on a date with him. I squealed and Jake jumped out of his skin and looked at me as if I lost my marbles. "Leah, jeez calm down, I almost had a heart attack! So you going out on a date huh" hour winked at me and I slapped him on his head and said "Jake back of, uhg your a pain but I still love you" he laughed and gave me a hug "I'm so happy for you Leah you deserve it, enjoy it Leah" I looked at him and kissed him on the cheek "Oh jacob you will imprint I'm sure about that" he just shrugged and smiled. I walked home with a big goofy smile on my face and daydreamed of tomorrow night. I finally felt whole again


Sorry its so short I'm just so dead tired my inspiration just ran away.. I hope you guys enjoyed it .. Plllease comment .. I wanna know what you guys think .. Pretty pretty please ?? Night night :)

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