Chapter 72

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When I wake up, Taylor is nowhere to be seen. I go into my bathroom and immediately brush my teeth and hair. I put my hair up into a volumised high ponytail and I do a bit of mascara and wing out my eyeliner. I look at the temperature on my clock by my bed and see that it is 68 degrees outside. I put on my blue skinny jeans and a white boob tube. I also add a shirt that I got for my 15th birthday with a high neck but completely cut out back- it stays together by a small peice of fabric along the bottom. It's hard to explain really but I think it looks nice so I'm wearing it.

I go downstairs to find Taylor pouring out 2 bowls of cereal- fruit loops to be precise. My favourite American cereal.

"Hi" He says placing them on the table along with two spoons. He sit down behind one of them and begins to eat "Sit" He orders. I do as he says and begin to eat. "You look nice" He smiles whilst he has a mouthful of cereal in his mouth.

"Thanks" I smile.

"What time is Jake coming?" He asks


"Oh right" He says awkwardly "Did you sleep well?"

"What happened to us? We used to be so close" I blurt.

"I guess we both got into relationships" He shrugs.

"Yeah" I sigh. We eat in silence until I've finished. I put my bowl in the dishwahser and turn to Taylor "What time is it?" He checks his phone.


"Oh, I better get my bag then" I say walking out of the room. I run upstairs and grab my bag. I put all my books in my locker yesterday so it's basically just homework that I didn't do and my other stuff that's always in there. I've now added a charger- a necessity if you ask me. I put my white vans on and run back downstairs. 7:58. I go back into the kitchen to find Taylor on his phone by the sink. "Bye Tay"

"Bye, have a nice day" He says before I leave for Jake's car.


"Yo" I say getting in the back of the car.

"Hi" Rachel chimes from the front seat.

"Sup" Jake says, pulling back onto the road "You're early! Its 7:59"

"Yeah, dont get used to that" I laugh opening some homework I didn't do.

"What you doing?" Jake says looking at me in the rear view mirror.

"Stupid history homework. I didn't do it last night because of the whole police enquiry thing"

"Copy mine"

"Wait you did it?"

"He stayed up until 1am doing it. He's such a nerd" Rachel laughs.

"I have straight A's, I have to keep that up if I want a football scholarship. Seriously, just copy it"

"I can do it"

"You have a pretty good excuse anyway" Rachel says "Oh my god. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it like that" She adds quickly.

"Its okay. You're right" I say. I try to stifle a laugh to make her not feel bad. "I think I get it anyway" I add. I start to scribble down on my sheet. A few minutes later I'm done. It can't have been that easy if Jake stayed up until 1 doing it? "Done" I say satisfied.

"What? You can't be. You did that in 15 minutes" Jake says in disbelief as I zip up my bag again. He pulls into the parking lot of the school and we climb out.

"I have to go to my locker. I'll meet you in homeroom?" I say as we enter the school.

"Nice try. You can't get rid of me that easily" He smirks putting his arm around my shoulders, earning a few envious glares from girls. "Ooh they jealous of you" He says in a high pitched voice.

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