Chapter 2- Bulls in the Bronx

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I open my eyes and realize that there's a face mere inches from mine. And sadly, it isn't Kellin's.

"Steph, get off of me," I groan, and shove her away so that I can sit up. She has a cheesy smile plastered on her face, and I've known her long enough to know that something good has happened.

"Okay, who got engaged this time?" I ask, laughing. "Hopefully you," she says, her smile growing even bigger if that's even possible. I can do nothing but stare at her; evidently my confusion shows on my face, and she explains: "Zach told me that Kellin wanted to talk to you last night. Alone. What happened? Did he ask you out? Did he kiss you? Are you two a thing?"

"Jesus, Steph, calm down. He didn't officially ask me out." Her face brightens when I say 'officially'. "Please don't freak out. He did kiss me. And I don't know if we're a thing." Steph squeals like the 13 year old girl she is inside. And then grows serious for a second.

"You gotta tell him. Seriously. Go. Tell. Him. Now." I assure her that I will, then change the subject.

"What happened to Zach last night anyways? He wasn't back by the time I fell asleep." Steph gets an evil look on her face and says "Oh, he came back about five in the morning, no shirt, no shoes, drunk as fuck. I think that he and Jack did a little more than watch TV last night." I grin. I had always sensed something a bit more than friendship between the two of them, but I had no idea Jack was gay.

"Now GO!" she practically yells. "Go find Kellin and confess your love for him!"

"In my pajamas?" I ask sarcastically. She rolls her eyes and leaves, but not before giving me the 'I'm watching you' sign. I quickly change into something a bit more presentable: a My Chemical Romance tank, black skinny jeans, and black, doodled-on converse. I try to run a brush through my messy, overly emo black hair, eventually give up, and just put on a beanie. As I head out the door, I grab my sunglasses and phone and prepare myself for the conversation ahead.

My search for Kellin didn't take long, as I found him (and the rest of SWS) involved in one of Pierce the Veil's water gun fights. As I'm walking over to them, Vic shoots at me and I duck out of the way laughing. I raise my hands in surrender and say "I just wanted to talk to Kellin." Jack makes a catcall and I flip him off as Kellin walks toward me.

"Yeah?" He asks as soon as we're (hopefully) out of firing range. I have trouble focusing for a while because his light grey shirt is soaked through and his hair is still dripping water. He's hot as fuck. He snaps his fingers in my face and I jolt out of my daydream.

"You said you wanted to talk to me..." he prompted. "Oh yeah... Well Steph told me to ask you if what happened last night made us a thing..." I trail off awkwardly. He laughs. "Good old Steph, never can keep her nose out of other people's business." I smile a little and wait for his response. "Oh and yeah," he says, taking my hand. " We are a thing." And he kisses me lightly on the cheek.

"Now where does Vic keep the water guns?" I ask Kellin, a wicked grin spreading across my face.

A/N: I think I'll end the chapter here
Sorry it was short and kinda filler...
And I know Jack's not really gay but it makes for a good story.

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