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2 months

"another party I see" Mani turns to see her friend Sydney

" you got a problem with that"Mani rolls her eyes as she walks around her

"still mad at what I did huh"

" what did you expect of me, throw a party for almost killing me?" She grabs a coke. She decided that she was gonna go light tonight considering what almost happened to her 2 months ago

"you asked for it babe and come on this ain't the real stuff, you need me to fix you anything?"

"just leave me alone Sydney"

"let's face it Normani you're nothing but a drug addict just like your little friend who died, you may end up like her one day"

The darker girl slaps her across her face.

" Dont you dare say that about me, after all I'm not the one who falls asleep with needles sticking in her veins. Get a life Sydney like get into rehab or something unlike you I consume alot of alcohol and sometimes weed but that doesn't make me a damn drug addict like your drugged up ass"

" Stop saying that about me" She shoves her into the pool as they wrestle with each other as she has Mani's head deep in the water

" What the fuck are you doing?" The blonde jumps in and pulls the darker girl out of her grip and pulls her out placing her on the ground while performing CPR, she coughs up some water.

" Well look who it is the cop, isn't she" She says as the blonde helps her up and wraps a towel around her.

" I'm taking you back to the dorms so that you can get out of these wet clothes"

" Be my guest I wasnt feeling this party either way"

" Mani what do you know about Ariana's death?"

" Did you see the girl that pushed me into the pool? ask her, now are you taking me back to the dorms or I'll have to catch another ride?"

" Let's go"

A/N: Norminah in mv.

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