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BOOM. The sound stayed in my ears for moments after. My eyes fluttered open and I looked around. Kids. My age, mid-teens. All underwater in a gigantic circle.

     I can't see the wall behind me, but I can't move. It's as if I am tied to thin air, my body is paralyzed.  My eyes are the only thing that are not affected. So, I use them. Girls and boys of all different heights, eye colors, ethnicities surround me. There is very little in common among us. Only three things; one, we are all here. Two, we are all in unnaturally colored white wetsuits. Three, we are all confused and struggling to get out. I also just realized that I'm
wearing nothing to breathe. Yet, I'm still breathing.

     BOOM... That sound... My ears... BOOM... I want to go... BOOM... Let me go... BOOM... I really need to go... BOOM... I can't handle it... BOOM... BOOM... BOOM... nothing. It seemed as if the world just stopped, time was frozen in place.

     I waited like that for a while, or what felt like a while, looking around and wondering what the sounds that came from nowhere where. As if on que, a voice that had no orgin, said one single word.


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