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Check out the amazing authors who are signed up for the very first Annual Wattpad Block Party!

*The author line up is full. If you would like to join the wait list, please send me a message asking to join the wait list as well as your email address. Thank you!*

Kelly Anne Blount (@KellyAnneBlount)

Rebecca "Red" Sky (RebeccaSky)

Julia Crane (JuliaCrane)

Michael and Jennifer Grais (MichaelJenniferGrais)

Anna Santos (AnnaSantos5)

DelSheree Gladden (DelShereeGladden)

Ally (HonorInTheRain)

Apryl Baker (AprylBaker7)

Francis (francisxyzk)

Lydia (Lydia161290)

Tess (seasidestyles)


Jonathan Yanez (Jonathan-Yanez)

Blair (JessGirl93)

Josh Saltzman (JoshSaltzman)

Katie (zarrysupreme)

Jessica Fry (JessicaBFry)

Janine Mimi De Jesus (janinemimi)

Lindsey (DoNotMicrowave)

Sally Slater (SallySlater)

Hally Willmott (HallyWillmott)

Deliah (_HakunaMatata_)

Joshua Graham (Joshua-Graham)

Gail Wagner (GailWagner)


Cameo Renae (CameoRenae)

Rebecca Hamilton (ParanormalAuthor)


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