Chapter 9: Fight

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It was finally time. Neji Hyuuga would pay for his crimes against his family member, and Naruto’s friend, in blood. Naruto put a booted foot up on a chair and tied it tight with jerking motions. He closed his eyes and closed his gloved hand. He needed to calm down.

After Temari’s actions against him, Naruto hadn’t had sexual intercourse with anyone, obviously distressing those he had. He tried to put up a false front, but he was sure Mikoto and Ayame saw through it. He had a lot of anger at himself for what happened.

He put that anger towards training, never really letting go of it. He would get his revenge, in time. While with a minor concussion and just waking up, he didn’t want her to be punished, he later decided that he did want her punished. Punished a more fitting way, but it would take some time.

Naruto grabbed the jacket and pulled it on, before tucking his mother’s sword along his back, glancing back at it. During his training, he learned the little secret the sword had, and couldn’t wait to see Neji’s face when Naruto pulled it out at a key moment.

Naruto tucked several scrolls into the pockets of his jacket and pants before running a hand through his hair. He heard a knock at his door and headed over to open it, showing Sasuke wearing a different outfit. This one was black, and with a high collar. Naruto mentally shrugged at it. “I’m ready to go.” He said as he walked out of his apartment and locked his door.

Sasuke watched Naruto for a bit. His mother would have never lived it down had he been late to the Chunin Exams and so he had decided to get back from his training with Kakashi late last night. He had been so exhausted; that he had woke much later than he usually had. Usually he was up at 6 to start training for the day, today he woke up at 10, giving him two hours to get ready for the Exams. “Is that Itachi’s old ANBU outfit?” Sasuke questioned. He could swear he saw it before.

Naruto looked down at it. “Yeah, you’re mom gave it to me. Said she was going to give it to you, but you weren’t there and she remembered that I was wearing that orange jump suit.” Naruto said before looking up to Sasuke.

Sasuke looked Naruto over in the outfit. “It looks good on you Dobe, more professional.” He said. They took to the rooftops, jumping across leisurely towards the Stadium.

Naruto glanced over, noticing a speed increase from Sasuke. It was… impressive, but he wondered how long Sasuke could keep it going for. It didn’t matter, if they fought, he would show Sasuke that he had come a long way since being the class Dobe.

They dropped down and approached the stadium at a steady pace, Naruto’s mind whirling through the plans he made. His sealing shot through the roof, and he was confident to say he knew more than Jiraiya did. The old hermit would deny it, but Naruto could tell by how Jiraiya got him working on a Fire Based Ninjutsu. That took him a while, but it would be worth it in the end.

Naruto almost let a small smirk spread across his lips. By the fourth week of training, Jiraiya had nothing else to teach him, and so they began to spar. Jiraiya was a great sparring partner. He didn’t pull his punches, but lowered himself to a skill level that could help Naruto.

Naruto paused at a hallway and summoned a Shadow Clone, handing the clone a small sealing tag. Naruto watched the clone take off, before heading into the waiting room. They still had some time before the match would start. Naruto felt his anger flare, seeing Temari, but he beat it down and just stayed away from her. Now wasn’t the time.

The Naruto clone headed up towards the Kage Box. There, he waited for Sarutobi to make an appearance before going over to the aged Sandaime. “Naruto-kun, shouldn’t you be down with the other contestants?” Sarutobi asked, sounding a little surprised to see the blonde

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