Chapter 8: Temari

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Naruto woke up the next day, and extracted himself from both Karin and Kin who had taken to sleeping in his bed. Truth be told, he needed to get a bigger home. A relative living with him, and a ‘slave’ made his one bedroom efficiency rather cramped.

Naruto took a shower before dressing in the ANBU clothes he had gotten from Mikoto. He would have gotten rid of them, but damned if they weren’t comfortable. He headed into the kitchen and quickly cooked up some food for everyone, eating his rather quickly. He had things to do, and an apology to make.

Naruto grabbed his mother’s sword before heading out. When he saw the beautiful blade, he knew he had to learn how to use it. A crimson sheath, black hilt with a golden star shaped guard, the black blade had a red edge to it, making it look forever stained in blood. The blade was also twice as thick as any blade he had seen, but figured there had to be a good reason to it.

Naruto strapped it to his back once he was outside. He breathed in the air, savoring the smells that filled the morning. He could smell the Dango cooking, the ramen from Ichiraku’s, and a dozen other scents. It was a pleasant smell to him. He began to leisurely walk towards the hospital, needing to see Jiraiya.

He wasn’t paying much attention really, letting his feet take him along the path. “Naruto?!” he heard the surprised call of his name and he glanced behind him, seeing Ino in civilian clothes.

“Oh hey Ino.” Naruto said stopping and letting her catch up. “How’s it going?”

Ino looked Naruto over; surprised by the clothes he wore. It made him look rather hot. “Oh it’s going alright. You look good in the new clothes Naruto, what happened to the Orange Jumpsuit?” she asked. It was an atrocity to fashion that deserved to be burned and she hoped it was gone forever.

Naruto gave a slight shrug. “I’d continue wearing it, but these are more durable, and surprisingly comfortable. I’ll be back in the orange soon.”

“NO!” Ino shouted wide eyed. “Sorry, just No.” she said more calmly. “You look better in the proper Shinobi attire, why go back to the orange? I bet you could get Sakura to look at you more.” Ino didn’t bother mentioning herself. She had eyes for Sasuke, but damn… Naruto really looked good and she would almost think arousing.

Naruto laughed a bit, rubbing the back of his head. “You think so?” he asked and got a vigorous nod. “Well, I’ll try to get some more of these types of outfits. How’s your training going?”

Ino shrugged to Naruto’s question. “I’m taking a break right now. I’m not in the Chunin Exam finals, so why bother?” she asked.

Naruto gave a slight groan as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ino…” Naruto shook his head. “Just because you’re not in the Finals, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be training. I guarantee that it will be beneficial in the long run to take your training serious, now when you’re young. You don’t have to be a prodigy, but you can be a stronger Shinobi.”

“But too much training would kill my figure.” Ino said putting her hands on her hips and shifting her weight. “I don’t want to be some muscle bound girl that doesn’t have curves.”

Naruto looked Ino over. “No offense, but what curves?” he asked and saw the quick look of anger on Ino’s face. He lifted his arm up, blocking Ino’s fist from connecting with his head. “I’m being serious here Ino.” He said and grabbed her wrist as he stared into her eyes.

“What would you know about it?” Ino asked defiantly, her eyes blazing with her fury.

Naruto looked at Ino. “You admitted to not training, meaning you’re not building muscle. You’re also known for being on diets, meaning you’re not getting a properly balanced meal or the energy needed. Your body has a low percentage of body fat, and a low percentage of muscle. Without either of these, you don’t have curves that would allure a guy. Think of Anko, the proctor for the second Exam, she had large breasts and wide hips. She’s reputable to eating most Dango, but because she’s a Special Jonin who works her ass off training herself, her body has taken some of the fat from the Dango and converted it into muscle. There’s also a rumor going on about how the size of a woman’s breasts also shows the amount of chakra she has.”

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