Chapter 1: Prequel 1/3

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(Warning: I still don't own the Naruto franchise. This tis a fanfiction story I created. Double disclaimer.)

The Break Up: They're Both Wrong

Sex is like a lethal weapon.

It doesn't harm anyone until it's used with that intent.

When it's not scaring or giving out diseases, something beautiful and serene can come from it.

Such as a child.

Uzumaki Naruto did something really freaking stupid again for the person he loved most in the world. He put his faith in a fairy godfather... if he was a drug dealer. Granted, this dealer has a 'doctorate' somehow, so he had the schooling and even experience at his belt. Not only that, but his work for the most part came through. The tests weren't technically ethical either still. There were some loopholes as well to get around and... all that's too late to dwell on now.

Regardless of the fight against nature, this blond did it. He took drastic measures to give the man he loved with all his heart, a life. Not his life that he already had, but something a part of both of them.

Their child.

A hopefully very loved child in the future.

He went to this back door doctor, took the pills, and did the devil's tango to complete the process.

Satan was involved because they got into a major argument not too long after that.

"Why don't you shove it up your ass to pay and fuck yourself instead?!" Naruto chucked the wallet given to him, right back at the bastard. "Use your daddy's credit card if it gets stuck!" Tears coated his lashes as he grabbed his bags next and then stormed out of his dorm room. That was it. He couldn't do this anymore. He hadn't even told the raven what he'd done for him because he wanted it to be a surprise bu-


He just keeps-

"Naruto, wait!"

"Stay the fuck away from me!" The blond snapped, pushing on to the bus stop.

Uchiha Sasuke rolled his eyes at the childish remark, stuffing his wallet back in his pants pocket. "Babe, stop being so damn emotional. Calm down!"

"Calm down?!"

That was probably a bad suggestion. His on and off boyfriend, dropped his things and turned around so fast he thought the universe had spun with him. "Narut-"

"Repeat what you said to me back there!" Naruto demanded with a fixed digit to their place, other hand on a hip. His voice was heavy with hurt and stinging from a broken heart, emotions swelling.

The raven groaned to the sky and crossed his arms. "I was just joking, idiot!"

"No the hell you weren't! Say. It! Every word!"

'Ugh, fine!' So be it if it would stop his emotional roommate from running off for another month. Sasuke shoved his hands in his pockets and shrugged, saying bluntly, "I only said if you want my attention all the time then... at least be worth it or go away." He didn't mean those words of course. He was just tired of how this blond would constantly berate him about not spending time together when he was just too busy for that. He couldn't help that his boyfriend had bad timing. "Naruto, you know I had things to do today so of course I snapped. And I gave you my wallet so you could go buy yourself something as my way of making up for it. I wasn't trying to say you needed money to buy my time!"

Naruto gawked at the raven over the streams pouring from deep azure. "So then what do I need to be worth it for you besides opening my legs?! Because that's all we seem to do lately!"

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