Chapter 6: Ayame and Mikoto

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Naruto ran both hands through his hair as he walked through the streets of Konoha. The sun was beginning to set, but despite this he didn’t want to go to his home just yet.

He made his way to his favorite place in the whole village: on top of the Yondaime Hokage’s head. He sat up there, watching the sunset as he tried to figure out what to do. He was sure leaving and wandering around wasn’t going to solve the problem but staying home wouldn’t have helped.

Karin and Kin got into a fight.

Naruto had long since realized that this game was a double edged sword in several aspects. First and foremost, women had a righteous fury that no man could ever stand against. If it was even suspected that Naruto was playing the heart strings of even a single woman, then he would likely be made an example of by the rest. Personalities conflicted causing problems within. So having him get with multiple women could become rather…problematic.

When Karin and Kin got fighting, Naruto wasn’t able to get a word in edgewise until he practically blew up at them.

The brief flare of killing intent had helped get their attention where Naruto basically explained to them both that as the last male of the Uzumaki clan, he fell under the CRA and would be encouraged to be with as many women as possible. The two girls had almost started tearing into him, and each other, when he raised his voice over their protests. He then further went to explain that while he may be encouraged to as many women as possible, that he would treat each individual as just that, an individual.

Naruto had long since understood what it felt to be an ‘it’ by the villagers. He wasn’t considered human to some even still. He wouldn’t put that pain on anyone else.

However, in a bought of frustration and uncertainty, Naruto had left, asking the girls to at least think on his words and cool off. Naruto’s little apartment wasn’t big enough for three people to stay away from one another while they all cooled off. Tempers would likely flare and problems would ensure once more.

Standing, Naruto let out a sigh before walking away from the Hokage Monument, heading towards the Uchiha clan compound. He hadn’t seen Mikoto since a bit before the Chunin Exams. Perhaps spending time with Mikoto would help him out. She came from a clan, so no doubt she would understand clan laws a bit more.

He pushed the gate open, seeing that it was unlocked, and headed for the large building he had entered last time. Naruto reached up and knocked on the door, unable to help but notice the fact that something was cooking and it smelled good.

Mikoto jumped a bit, having not been expecting someone else for the evening. “Coming!” she called out as she wiped her hands on a dish towel and headed to the door. She opened it up, and saw her favorite blonde. “Naruto-kun!” she called out and hugged him close, smothering his head in between her breasts.

Naruto flailed a bit at being smothered between Mikoto’s breasts before he wrapped his arms around her waist. He managed to extract his head from them and gave her a bit of a smile before scratching the back of his head. “Mind if I come in?” he asked

Mikoto gave a smile and nodded, moving to let the blonde in. She then went a bit into motherly figure mode. “You look like you got something serious on your mind Naruto-kun.” She said leading the way into the kitchen

Naruto sighed and nodded as he sat in a chair, Mikoto surprising him by sitting in his lap. “Part of me feels like an idiot.” He said resting his head against Mikoto’s shoulders as she held him. “During the Second part of the Exams and shortly after the Preliminaries, I ended up getting with two girls.” Naruto said. He figured he’d get her reaction out of the way

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