The Road to Hell

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I pulled down the sleeve of my blazer, one I hadn't worn since sixth form, as I stared at the sign.

"Funny right?" I turned to Adele, who was biting the corner of her nail.

"It's certainly different," I replied.

A quaint little store that was nestled in the back roads of Oxford Circus. Adele and I had booked a hotel to spend the night yesterday before we'd travel back to Scotland tomorrow. What kind of job I'd be receiving was beyond me.

"What is it that you do Adele?"

"Currently just studying Mae, I'm on probation at the moment until I finish uni, but once that's done, I've got a job here as an HR assistant. Payroll and stuff like that. I come here maybe once a month so shadow the current manager so I can hit the ground running."

Adele pushed the door in and walked inside, me following behind her. There were racks of clothes lined up across the floor.

Sequins, jewels and gems decorated the costumes, some even had a pair of wings attached to the back. I handled the fabric delicately in my fingers. The thin papery substance was thinner than chiffon, but there was a heaviness to it.

"Mae." I lifted my head up to Adele's voice who was a far way into the shop, she ushered me to come on, and I picked up my fallen bag hurrying after her.

"Mae this is my manager Natalie."

Natalie stood tall next to Adele, her short blonde pixie cut hair had been blowdried and waved about near her chin, brushing against her caramel skin. Her dark blue eyes pierced mine, scrutinising me before she smiled and held her hand out.

"Hi, you must be Mae." Her voice was like silk—soft and weightless, and I don't remember taking hold of her hand until it hung by my side again.

"Adele says you're looking for a job?"

"Yes, of a kind, sort of, it's a bit complicated."

Natalie chuckled, she held my shoulders smiling.

"You're nervous, I can tell, relax, take a few breaths. In." I did as I was told raising on my toes with a inhale. "And out." I exhaled, sinking into the carpet slightly. It did make me feel better.

"Now, usually I'd be conducting interviews, but you're in luck the owner is in."

Adele gasped my once calm demeanour shaking and falling off the edge of the Earth.

"Magenta is in," she squealed.

"Yes, she'll be conducting your interview. If you could head through those curtains, up the stairs and the door on the far end."

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