67th Chapter

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67th Chapter

Dana's Point of View

"Come on, Nof. Let's get to work!" I nodged Nof. She's been lying for hours and we need to get started. The clock's ticking.

She mumbled, "DK naman.." then she rolled over to the other side of the bed, "we traveled for 18 hours via plane. 1 hour via car. Wala ka man lang bang tinatawag na jetlag?"

I rolled my eyes inside my head. Jeez. Bakit ko nga ba sinama pa si Nof? I knew she wouldn't be of any help. At all. A nuisance, maybe. Tignan mo nga, the moment i arrived here, si Andy agad ang nakita ko. Just when i thought na makakaalis na ako sa Pilipinas, ang lugar ng mga problema ko. And here, it's basically the same. 

"Fine, fine," i said then went out of the door.

I grabbed my things and checked my phone. Margo, mom's assistant, just sent me the location. I'll just follow the GPS. Nakakhiya naman kasi kung magpapasama pa ako kay Andy. Malay ko ba kung ihahatid niya si Andrei sa nursery or something.

"Good morning, Dana," Andy greeted me.

I smiled at him and greeted him as well. 

"Breakfast?" he offered.

"Nope, but thanks for the offer. I'll just grab a to- go," i declined. I don't know. I feel awkward. I know i don't have the slightest right to feel awkward. I was the who who broke up with him. But still, with little Andrei running around the house, who wouldn't? And plus, i am still wondering who the kid's mom is.

He bounced from his seat and stood beside me, with a good twelve inches distant, "san ka ba? Hatid na kita?" he offered again.

I shook my head and showed him my phone, "GPS."

He nodded, "how about borrow my car?"

I smiled at his persistence, "nope. I can manage, Andy. Mom rented a car before hand. I'll just beep you up if i'm lost."

He shrugged, "baliw. Sige, alis na din ako."

I know i have no right to pry as well but i can't help but to ask, "san ka pupunta?"

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