Mateo put his entire life on hold when he found out that his father's Alzheimer's had gotten worse. He dropped his textbooks and returned home despite his dreams of graduation, never once outwardly complaining about the turn of events. It was his duty as a Rosales to provide for his family now that his father was unable to. Back to East L.A., back to another job in retail, and back to basics. But when he stumbles upon an ad for, a website for older men and younger men and women to exchange money for entertainment, his life takes a sudden turn. Soon he finds himself talking with the alluring self-made millionaire Arthur Danby, and forced to face the uncomfortable moral soul-searching that comes with this kind of relationship. Could he possibly put a monetary value on his time? Is his dignity worth more than feeding his family? And despite the charming look in his eye, is Arthur hiding something dark?

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