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"Stop it Ace! Calm down!" yelled Marco.

"The old man said he'd make an exception just this once! You don't have to go after Teach!" yelled a man from Ace's division trying to hold him back.

"Let me go! He was a member of my division!" yelled Ace yanking himself out of the man's grip."If I just ignore this, Thatch won't be able to rest in peace!"

"Ace." said Whitebeard grabbing everyone's attention and causing Ace to stop in his tracks. "It's fine. Just this once. I have a weird feeling about this."

"He killed a crewmate and escaped!" Ace snapped back, only getting more fustrated. "After living under your protection for so many years... he just spat right in your face! Above all else, he tarnished his fathers name. You think I can just ignore that?" he said as he placed his hat on his head, making his way to his Striker.

"Ace! Get you're stubborn, flame ass back here!" yelled the girl with long red hair as she appeared running out of the bathrooms now standing in front of Whitebeard and only a few meters behind Ace.

"I'll settle this!" he yelled, anger and hatred written all over his face.

"No! God fucken dammit Ace!! Get back here!! I need to tell you something!! Ace!!"

But the girl's cries and pleas did nothing as he was now standing on the railing of the ship.

"ACE!" she yelled, causing him to stop and everyone else to stare at her. "If.. if you take one more step.. I won't be here when you get back."

His eyes widened for second but he got himself under control as he turned back to her, eyes locking with hers.

"Ace." she whispered and in a flash, he was in front of her and pressing his lips to her.

The kiss was full of passion, full of lust but most of all, full of love.

But only a few seconds after she began to kiss back did he pull away only to lean in closer, his lips brushed on her ear as he spoke words only she could hear.

Her eyes widened but before she could say anything, he had already jumped off the Moby Dick onto his Striker. 

"Hey wait! Come back Ace!" cried Marco as he tried reaching out to him. 

By now, she had regained herself and ran to the edge of the ship leaning over it as she yelled.

"ACE!! NO ACE I MEAN IT!!" she yelled, her voice filled with fustration but his ship was already sailing away. "ACE!! GET BA-"

But she was cut off as she felt a sudden pain in her stomach only to vomit over the side of the Moby dick. 

"AKI!" everyone yelled as they sourrounded her, trying to see what was wrong. 

But she didn't answer as she was to busy losing her lunch. Only once she had stopped and someone had retrived her some water that she slumped onto the floor of the ship. She let her face fall into her hands, hiding her tears from everyone.

"Aki." said Whitebeard gently as he took a step closer to her, now all of the crew sourrounding her. "Are you ok?"

She already let some tears slip her eyes before shaking her head. 

"No... I'm.. I'm pregnant."



OK everyone!! So here is my new fanfic!! Yes I know it took me ages to finally publish a new one but here it is!

So yeah AcexOC ended up winning instead of GaaraxOC... but yeah I hope you'll all enjoy this one anyway!! XD

So yeah this is just a prologue as you can see but it'd still be awesome if you could...




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