Chapter 3

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Everything was still and silent, but the chirping of birds in some nearby trees interrupted the silence. I was fighting to open my eyes but it seemed they didn't want to listen. After a few minutes of trying to get my eyes to open, I was met by blinding sunlight. I blinked a few times to let my eyes adjust to the light. Once they did, I looked around the area I was laying in. All I saw were a bunch of plants, bushes, and the side of a moutain. Wait. The side of a mountain? Oh, my God! Where am I? I began panicking and hyperventilating.

Wait. Before I start panicking, I need to find out where I am. I thought in my head. 

I sat up and brushed dirt and twigs off my shoulders and chest. Pushing myself off the ground, I grab a nearby branch from one of the bushes to keep myself from stumbling. Once I had regained my balance, I walk out of the bushes and glanced around to see a city of some sort in the distance and a tall lonely mountain.

"Where am I? Why does this place look so familiar?" I thought out loud.

My eyes wandered the scenery around where I stood. Green pines stood tall, grass blew in the wind's breeze, and a gray gravel path that led to a golden gate. The gate stood ten feet tall with many designs that were very unfamiliar to me. I stood admiring how beautiful and intricate the gate was. I was so caught up in admiring the gate that I forgot what I was doing.

I shook my head from my trance and looked around before letting my eye wander up to see that there was a balcony just a few feet above the gate. I examine the gate for a while before I heard what sounded like voices? I turned around to see if there was anyone behind me but I saw no one. I furrowed my brows in confusion.

Weird. There's no one behind me. Where are the voices coming from?

I could still hear the voices and was growing more confused by the minute. Where the voices coming from? They sound really close. I looked around again still searching for the voices. I was close to giving up my search for the voices before finally glancing up to see not one, not two, but TEN guards at the top of the gate. They were talking but I couldn't tell what they were all saying because they were all speaking in a language I didn't understand.

"I just received news that there is someone outside the gate. I am not sure if it someone that wandered here from Dale." One guard said.

"What do you mean there is someone outside the gate? We are not expecting anyone." A second guard spoke.

"Thranduil will be here in five days hence." A third guard added.

The rest of their conversation, I could barely hear. But I did catch on to a name, Thranduil. Who was that? I was deep in thought thinking about who this "Thranduil" was that I almost didn't hear a new voice coming from behind the gate.

"Any sign of anything?" The voice bellowed. Whose ever voice that was, it sounded deep and soothing. 

"No, my Lord." A guard answered.

"Keep searching for anything." The deep voice said.

"Yes, my Lord." 

Just as you were about turn away from the gate, you noticed that there was someone else at the gate. A man had approached the top of the gate and was searching for something, or rather someone. He had long raven hair that reached his shoulders and a short black beard and mustache. I couldn't see his eyes but from what I could see it looked like he had blue eyes and they were beautiful. I could feel myself instantly falling for this man. Wait, what was I thinking? I couldn't be falling for someone that I don't know. But something about him made me feel drawn to him and I didn't know why. 

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I almost did not hear the man talk about finding someone. This caught my attention. Were they talking about me? God, I sure hope they aren't. 

"Where are they?" The man with raven hair said in his deep voice.

"They were by the bushes last I saw them." A guard responded.

They are talking about me. Shit. How do I get away without them noticing?  I question myself. 

I heard shuffling coming from the gate and the next thing I knew, the gate started opening. Great, I'm going to get caught. I crouched down behind the door and out of the light as I heard footsteps coming from inside. Before long, I heard the footsteps outside and the voices closer.

"Search the gate. Whoever is here, could not have gone far." The deep voice ordered.

"Aye, my lord." And with that, the guards scattered about to look for me. So far, they had no luck until I could feel my nose itching.

"This is a bad time to have my nose itch." I whispered to myself. I tried my best not to scratch it but could not hold it and let out a loud sneeze. This gave my hiding spot away and immediately guards surrounded me. I became scared when they pointed their spears at me. Just then, I heard another pair of footstep approach me and there stood the man with the long raven hair and handsome blue eyes.  I couldn't stop staring at him, but he only glared in response. I shrunk back against the wall. I felt doomed.

A/N: I am so sorry y'all. I have been meaning to finish this chapter for a while and things have been getting in the way, making it difficult to finish it but here it is. It's finally finished. I'll be working on chapter 4 as soon as I can and hopefully work something out seeing as I got a job offer and am hoping that I get the job. But anyways, I hope I can figure out to work around the work schedule to get the next chapter in. Thank you!

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