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We've been waiting on this day for weeks now.

The plan has been observed upon very, very closely. Every person, every breath, every tear, has been calmly and precisely calculated.


I tell myself as my head is being yanked from the roots of my hair. Out of the water, I hacked.

A smirk is what he'll do next.

"Does the little girly think she can handle another dip in the pool?" He mocks at me. I was right, that damned smirk.

"Boss, don't you think she's had enough? I'm starting to feel bad, she's just a child." His second in command presses on.

Soft, too soft. He'll definitely be the first one to go.

The man's smirk diminished, just as the grip to my soaked, brown locks tightened.

"Enough? This kid is just as lethal as anyone in that gang! Do you understand me boy? She holds an innocence that's more pure than anyone." Musky air flew it's way onto my face.

Pig. Brush your disgusting teeth.

And now tears. I sighed inwardly

"P-please.. please, I swear on my life that I don't k-know anything.. i'm a good girl.." I begged.

Both the soft man, and rancid smelling one looked at me.

I clenched my teeth as the grip got even harder, I sniffled.

Three minutes. Three more.

"My heart's aching little one." Fake sympathy crawled onto his scarred face. "Too bad you love swimming."

The hand in my hair loosened just as he slammed my face back into the barrel full of water.

They'll laugh now.

Deep, sadistic, chuckles were emitted from the surface above the water.

Fucking knew it.

I fake struggled, wiggling my equally soaked body in the rusty chair that I was tied to.


I counted as I was submerged.

Pig man laughed again, "Why do you still fight it Babygirl? Are you finally going to tell us the locations of your base?" He asked loud enough so I could hear it under the water.


More pitiful wiggles.

Just as I was about to hit a full minute, I was brought back up.

Cry. I ordered myself.

The tears came, and it summoned more whimpering. "I-" a fake cough interrupted me. "I don't know anything, t-tonight I don't want to be h-hurt."

"Bring out the hammer." The boss demanded to his subordinate.

Soft boy nodded. Before he could walk away gun shots were heard in the distance.

"SIR! the enemy has broken in! They fought passed every guard and gate." Soft boy looked scared.

Fucking, finally.

"W-what?" Pig man stuttered as I easily ripped the tape that surrounded my hands.

Pushing the soggy hair out of my face and wiping the pained expression from my features, I chuckled softly. "You didn't think we had this planned out, did you?"

The inferiority in his eyes gave me the answer I already knew.

He didn't.

More gun shots erupted in milliseconds, just as the doors to the confinement swung open.

"Boss, how are you holding up?" My closest friend and strongest gang member asked with amusement drowned in his voice, just like I had been minutes earlier.

"You're- you are the l-leader?" Pig man cowered away slowly, disbelief and surprise plastered his demeanor. "I had the fuck- fucking leader in my grasp..?"

"Jeremy." I ordered, authority heavily noticeable.

My member pulled out a gun from his dark jacket and winked at me.

"And your worst nightmare." I deadpanned to pig man while cocking the gun.

I was irritated, the plan went exceptionally well. To simplify, it was to: 1. Get captured. 2. Stay alive until the gang showed up. And 3. Kill everyone in the enemy base.

Unfortunately for him, the moment that man called me a 'baby girl' I knew i was going to end him.

A shot to every non-lethal part of his body and one blow to the brain.

I narrowed my eyes instinctively and an emotionless smile paved the way onto my lips.

"I'm pleasantly surprised you knew I liked to swim." My arm with the gun in it lifted. "Say goodbye."

Three shots to each leg,
A shot to each hand.

His screaming intensified.

Shoulders received two shots each,

One in the groin.

And now the last one.

"PLEASE! SPARE ME!" Pig man cried.

He would die from bloodloss anyway, this is a gift.

I stepped up to his bleeding body on the ground, he was immobile from pain.

I kneeled down, grabbing a chunk of his greasy hair and yanked it back.

"I hope your life was at least a little enjoyable." I smirked.

My gun lifted to his head, and into his dirty mouth.


And I did, pig man's life ended with one final blow to his brains.

Dropping the contaminated gun beside the deceased man, I looked at Jeremy and then to everything else in the room. Bloodied men were everywhere on the ground, including Soft boy. A shame, he had shown me mercy during his final minutes.

What a weakling.

"We leave now, Call the clean up crew to get everything spotless." I threw at Jeremy.

Without even caring about a response from my best friend, I walked out of the tainted base.

Looking up, I could see the giant moon glowing down at me.

Is this what you wanted father? Are you proud?

I asked to the night sky.


A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who read my story. This was a very short story based off of a tiktok I made a few days prior. You people wanted to see something similar written, so I took charge and wrote it XD. I hope you all enjoyed it, because I had fun writing iitt. - Dani

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