Chapter Fifteen

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The night rolled over into day. I scretched out in the sheets. Marcus had left for work so I had the whole house to myself. I grabbed my purse off the nightstand and pulled out my phone to check the messages.

Evan: You swingin by or nah? 11:40pm
Evan: Im waiting. 11:50pm
Evan: I guess you chose ole boy. 12:20pm
Marcus: Had an early meeting, see you tonight. Love you. 8:00am

I smiled at the messages but my smile quickly faded. It had just hit me that I had two men who clearly want me and if it came down to it I wouldnt know who to chose.

Although.. I thought to myself.. Men never think about how we feel when they playing two and three women at once. They always think with their second head. So why should I give two fucks?

"Exactly!" I said to myself "Love dont love nobody."

I rolled out the bed and tended to my morning rituals. I hopped out the shower and got dressed, putting on a pair of black leggings, a white tank top and a pair of ugg boots. It was raining outside so I wanted to be comfortable. I sent Stacy a text as soon as I was dressed.

Me: Wyd hoe. 1:20pm
Stacy: Chillin with Evan. wbu? 1:22pm
Me: Shid bored as hell, What yall doin?1:24pm
Stacy: Playing this game, the rain got us in the house hell. 1:25pm
Me: Im bout to swing through. 1:27pm
Stacy: Aight. 1:28pm

I grabbed my jacket and keys as I headed out the door.

I pulled up in Stacy's driveway and got out. She met me at the door and we went inside. I walked in the living room and sat on the sofa next to Stacy.

"Hey Evan."

He threw his head up in a nod as he played the game.

"So whats up with you and Marcus?" Stacy asked as she strolled through her phone.

"Shid, makeup, breakup repeat." I responded.

"Damn." She said "It"ll get better."

"Ahh shit!" Stacy blurted out.

"Whats up?" I asked.

She turned her phone around to show me the screen. OG was calling.

"Watch this.." she said as she answered.


"Stacy where the hell you at?"

"Im coming shit!"

"You said that shit an hour ago!"

"Well damn OG, if ya ass cant wait then call one of ya other bitches. Im sure they'll suck a dick for a few dollars!"

"Dont start that shit man."

OG went on and on as Stacy pressed mute on the phone to laugh.

"Gurl you so damn stupid."

"I love fucking with his ass gurl, I knew his ass was bout to go off. Watch this.."

She unmuted the phone.

"And who the fuck is Regina? I saw the bitch on ya page!"

"Regina! Ion know that bitch!"

"Dont lie motherfucker! I saw the bitch in ya inbox."

"Man, she probably looking for somebody else. I know what it is.. she know my cousin..."

Stacy muted the phone as she listened to OG explain how he knew this Regina.

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