Chapter 7

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Jess POV

When he pulled the trigger it was almost as if everything was in slow motion. Everyone grew silent. As I looked in the direction of the bullet I watched same clench her chest and fall down. I was speechless. Kami screams I rush over to Sam. I yell,"Call 911!" Kami calls. I tell Sam to hold on and to just focus on my voice. She's fading in and out and in 10 mins the ambulance arrives. Then I head to my car. Kami is behind me and asks,"Can I ride with you to the hospital?" I say sure and she hops in and immediately calls Lexi. Rushing to the hospital the drive was silent . We get to the hospital and Lexi was already there. Her being her she was hysterical. She wanted to know how Sam was doing but they wouldn't tell us anything all we could do is wait. I called Sam's mom and she didn't sound to worried. I know she didn't agree with Sam's lifestyle but she was heartless. She told me,"Let me know when she dies."

Lexi POV

I could only think about how this was Jess's fault but at the Sam time she was protecting Kami. The doctor comes out and says,"Family of Samantha Scott.?" We all hopped up waiting to hear what he had to say. He took a deep breathe before explaining,"Samantha is being prepared to go into surgery. The way the bullet hit her it never came out and it's in her chest. If the bullet was 2 cm closer to her heart she would've died." When he said all that my heart was racing, I was just glad she was alive . Jess gave me a hug and said she was going to head home for the night but she'll b back in the morning. I asked Kami if she was going with and she said,"Yeah sis I need some sleep." she gave me a hug and with that they left.

Kami POV

Jess was leaving so I went with Jess so I could have a way home. So we're in the car and the ride was silent until she broke it asking if I was hungry. I said I was fine. It became silent when I blurted out,"Thank you Jess." She replied,"For what?" I sighed,"For taking up for me at the club, but you didn't have to I can handl--." She stopped me mid sentence and she grabbed my hair right and tells me,"I don't care if you can Kami. I'm gone protect you whether you like it or not." We came to a red light and she kissed me. I kissed back. I've missed her touch and her presence. At that moment the kissed deepened with moans being released it was as if nothing else mattered and the Earth stood still. I pulled away as I heard cars behind us honking and the light turned green. Eventually we arrived at my house I get out and so does she I ask what she's doing. She replies with walking you to the door. I didn't know how to take everything that had happened so I went along with it. When we got to the door she says,"Kami, I know you probably still hate me, but I want you to know I'm extremely sorry and I want another chance with you. I'm so in love with you idk what to do.." I sighed and replied lemme think about this Jess. Soon after the door opened and my girlfriend Ray stood there..

Jess POV

I've never been so hurt. Aha to think she had somebody this whole time we were apart. When the female stood in the door I realized we went to school with the chick. Instead of me knocking her out I just told Kami to think about it and I turned around and left.

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