Austin P.O.V (Austin==================>)

Why doesn't love me? But I know I don't deserve his love and I never will. How can he even love this-this BIG,FAT,SORRY excuse for a man with high self-esteem problems and a shy and timid personality?....

Sometimes I'm tempted to just end my life,thinking that things would be better off without me but he doesn't let me.He is there whenever I need him,he lifts up my day with just his presence alone and he doesn't even know it.

Just his smile would Brighten my day because I know that reserves his dazzling smile just for me...SHIT....and don't let me even get started on body and his personality...oh,you guys wanna hear?Sure i'll torture myself hust for you.

He is absolutely perfect in every way.His pink, full lips just makes me want to beg on my knees for a taste; His eyes are a dark shade of red that shoes a contrast to his tanned complexion and his neatly styled black hair. His body is sin incarnate...his biceps are so big that it looks like he's been lifting up two people my size daily, his dinner plate sized pecs that makes me want to eat off of them, his thick and well defined abs that are just begging me to lick them and his tree trunk thighs..OH MY GWAAD.!

Sometimes i wish that he would grab me and just throw me onto his bed and fuck me sooo hard and good that i wouldn't be able to walk for a week! GOD!!! I just love his sooo damn much!

But he can't know that....he might be disgusted and i can't bear to see his looking at me like i'm going to hide my love for him. It's gonna hurt like a bitch but if will keep him by my side then SO BE IT.....

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