Day 7: Neon Pink Is A Good Colour On Xav

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        No time to think of consequences.


Start Destination: Zurich, Switzerland

End Destination: Zurich, Switzerland

Via: The Old City, Hallenstadion


07:46AM (GMT) / 8:46AM (Local Time)


After going to bed at a relatively reasonable time last night, we are up and ready to go surprisingly early the next morning.

Levi holds the whole process of us leaving the hostel up by declaring – and insisting – that he has to call Gemma, and so the rest of us wait in the reception – sort of – patiently and wait for him to decide to grace us with his presence.

When he eventually does so we make our way out of the building and Levi leads us away. He has already decided where we are heading, and I have to say I am glad that he has taken some sort of control of the situation. Rosie, El and I do not know what to do, other than wandering aimlessly, whereas Levi – with his love exploring and interesting places – seems to be a good choice for the person to organise our day, so long as the rest of us get some sort of input at well.

He has set his heart on us visiting the old city, and when his suggestion was greeted by no friction – mainly because none of us are entirely sure what a visit to the old city entails – we all decided to go along with it.

I always forget how long Levi’s strides are, it is obviously something that runs in the family, and so I find myself having to walk double time just to keep up with him. El manages fine of course, with legs as long as hers I would be surprised if she didn’t, she still manages to look graceful though, even when power walking.

That is El though. The picture of grace, elegance and composure. All sharp angles and long limbs, her hair is cropped to fall in just the right way across her face and her gangly legs and arms make her look beautiful rather than serving to make her look lanky. And I would kill for her figure; she is thin, to the stage where her elbows are pointy. Everything about El is sharp, her humour, her intelligence and – if she hits you with them, accidently of course – her elbows. El can always be relied on to stay calm, an expression of indifference often masquerading on her face.

Rosie, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. All curves and passion. The mop of curls on her head as fiery as her temper. If El has the perfect skinny figure, Rosie takes it to another extreme, curves as far as the eye can see, she often describes herself as fat – and in truth she perhaps eats a few too many chocolate bars than she should – but her figure is one that I am sure many a boy lusts after.

Where El is quiet, Rosie is bubbly and loud. Where Rosie gets easily angered, El always has a calm, structured argument. The two couldn’t be more different and that is why the group dynamic works.

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