{9} The Plan

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"Our first task, is the bait."

"Levi, you seen that didn't you?! She has something we need! She can't go around without an occupation!" Armin insisted.

"She had an occupation and now she needs a new one." Mikasa agreed.

Levi took a second to think about it. It was true they needed her skills, she could be a new member in his squad, but the problem was...she wouldn't accept it. Levi could of course force the princess, but he wouldn't. Why? Because that was the exact same thing that happened to him.

Farlan and Isabel.

He swiped the thought away.

"Oi brat, what do you think?" He asked Eren. Eren was surprised that the man was asking him for his opinion.

"I think we should at least try." His words slipped out so easily, and everyone couldn't help but accept it.

After preparing, and testing all their 3DMG, they started to discuss.

"She's a hard one to get," Mikasa admitted. "She has a weakness though," Armin reminded.

"She has a hearing aid, with a volume level. We need her to raise it before we do a close attack like what Eren did." Armin said.

Eren thought he was the only one who actually saw what happened to her. She paused all of a sudden, which nobody cared about. They just thought it would make the job easier. But once he had reached her, sorrow and shock was written all over. Then when he made the two loud objects collide next to her ear, her eye rolled back to her head and she passed out. It was extremely wicked to Eren to do so, but he had no other choice.

This time, he would try something else. Maybe get to know her a little first but then it struck him.

"What about her eye patch?" Everyone looked at him, even Levi.

"I mean- there must be something wrong with her eye then? Or is it just some trend?"

Armin shook his head, "I don't know about it yet."

Eren nodded.

"Hey...isn't that her?" Mikasa asked, pointing out the window.
On the roof of the houses, a girl looked somewhat mesmerizing. Soaring in the wind with her silk cloak draped behind her.

Armin nodded, "Yeah definitely."

Levi stood from his desk, "Let's go."

"Are you ready Bella?" Farlan asked, I nodded. "We'll follow you, give us the signal if something goes wrong." Isabel assured.

Then that was it. I was jumping from roof to roof in seconds, knowing that the four of them could be watching at anytime, and that they were out to get me.

"There!" I glared at the person heading towards me. Armin Arlert.

"You don't have to do this," I warned with a low voice, pausing completely. He just looked at me with feirce eyes. "If you come with us willingly, we will give you a spot in our legion." I shook my head.

"No, after what I've heard from...friends. I decline." I stated boredly, remembering the words of Farlan and Isabel.

"I'm sorry, you're coming with us." Behind you.

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