Chapter #14: Four Weeks

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2 red lights.

3 stops signs.

1 yield sign.

I ran them all.

My heart was in my stomach, my fingers trembled against my steering wheel. Veronica's steering wheel. My palms were sweaty and I felt crazy as I sped through roads, alleyways, intersections. Speed limit signs were just a blur to me, and the bile in my throat was aching to spew onto my lap. It seemed like forever, the drive to the hospital. Warm, salty tears were piling onto my cheeks, and my eyes were slowly becoming blurry- more blurry by the second. I was almost glad I was driving alone- my sobs were to embarrassing for anyone else to hear.

If this was what Evan had felt whenever I'd get hurt, or was in the hospital, then I couldn't bare to understand how he handled it so well. I felt shameful, for putting him through everything I did.

I didn't even park Veronica's car properly before I was jumping out of the car, leaving the door open. I ran, ran like I was in a race. Like I was going against Evan senior year in track, like he was hot on my heels. The doors didn't seem to open fast enough as I forced them to push farther, and I squeeze my way through doctors wandering aimlessly. My hair was everywhere, my eyes wild, frantic; searching.

"I- I need Evan Shepards. His room, please," I sobbed, leaning the entire weight of my body on the front desk. The lady looked at me questionably, quickly typing something up in her computer. 

"Family?" she asks lamely, her long eyelashes covering her big eyes.

"F-family, yes, yes. Please hurry," I sobbed, and before I knew it, I was running up to room 79B. Memories flashed across my head as I saw the couches where Evan and I once sat whilst I was recovering. My left hand unconsciously rested against my belly and I ran up the stairs. I couldn't breathe, I was practically dragging myself up the flights of stairs. Upstairs, it was more quiet.

More dead.

"Oh God Evan," I panted as my eyes roamed the entire top floor. I ran frantically through long hallways, pushing past quiet patients. 77B... 78b...

It was then I noticed Asher, sitting down on a chair, his head in his hands, surrounded by many of his football teammates.

"Asher," I wailed, falling to my knees as a sudden pain throbbed against my belly. "Asher," I whispered and I could see him between blurry eyes run towards me, his pale skin stained with redness and tears. His eyelashes glistened as he fell next to me, his warm arms engulfing my shaking, frigid body. 

I couldn't help the wrecks that soared through my body, and the sobs that echoed in the quiet hallways. "Where is he, where is he? What happened?"

I had a million questions but Asher didn't say anything but that no visiters were allowed in at the moment. "Asher he can't die on me, Asher he can't- can't die!" It felt like poison on my lips when I said those words.

I felt Asher's hands tug at the ponytail on my wrist as he piled my messy hair into a swift ponytail. He then picked me up, guiding me to a small couch by the door. My chest felt heavy and the cramps running through my belly were becoming almost unbearable. 

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