The Journey Home

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A/n: this is a short update, and I apologise.. I'm writing it on my phone because my 5 year old son decided my computer was much better suited for marvel and dc universe games... now if only I could have a doctor who game like that... we see I'm corrupting them with DW and sailor moon so it's all working out... enough of my ramble on with the update!

Rose glanced around the control room briefly before pointing to the chair by the monitor for Sarafen to sit down on.

"I just want you to know I do not have any idea what this trip will be like. I have not been driving her long and this TARDIS is quite young."

Sarafen smiled and bounced on the couch breifly. Her hands caressing the strange fabric that it was made of before smiling at rose.

"That's ok mom Rose. Let's go find this friend so we can go see the fun things you told me about."

Rose smiled and nodded at Sarafen before starting the sequence that would take her home in more ways than one. Two more classes and she would earn the title Time Lord, it seemed that she would indeed skip those classes now. of course deciding how happy she was about it was a whole new story all together.

The Doctors reaction to this entire situation is what scared her the most. Would he even be able to understand? Shaking the negative thought from her mind, Rose sighed and flipped the last lever, shooting them into the vortex.

At first the TARDIS shook slightly like it would on any other trip, until they reached they boarder to they void. From there Rose kept a death grip on the controls as she ran around trying to hold the ship as steady as possible.

"Sarafen, hold on as tight as you can the TARDIS will try to protect you as best as she can."

Sarafen nodded in affirmation before once again tightening her grip and closing her eyes. The violent shuddering of the ship came to a hult with a shower of sparks and bang. Rose was home and the Doctor, well he was bound to turn up at some point.

" Are we there now so we can find your friend?" Sarafens quite voice drew Roses attention as she turned to smile at the young girl.

"Yes my dear, and I have set the Tardis to contact the Doctor as soon as she locks onto his signal. Until then however I think you should eat and get some rest."

a/n: again sorry it's short wrote it on my phone. The next chapter will be from the doctors point of view. I'm going to more the. likely write that up on my phone was well... would keep going but my hand is bothering me. °_○" so again sorry for the delays!

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