Back To School

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I woke up and hopped in the shower. I Heard my parents talking about something but i didn't mind.

I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and got dressed. I seen my laptop and right away i remembered about last night. OMG His So Sweet!!!!!

I Put on my Makeup, and my Contacts. I Got out Apple bottom jeans and a Bright red Shirt with Tyra Banks On The Front, Put on Bright red shoes, and My bright red Earings, Damn i looked fly.

It was Time to go to school. I walked Downstairs and decided cereal for breakfast instead of waffles.

Alexis Came downstairs and looked as nice as i did. He walked outside and i seen a car pull up, It was Trayvons Car, I Finished cereal than walked outside.

" Hey Brittany come on ride to school with us" Alexis Yelled Out

"I'll Come hold on let me wash My bowl" I Said Back.

I Washed my bowl and walked back outside to the car, James was in there Trayvon and This Kid name Brian.

"Hey whatsup" He said. "Nothing" I Told him back looking confused

"Aye Turn that up bro, This is my shit!" Alexis said to trayvon.

He turned it up And Alexis Started to dance around, We just started To Crack up.

" I Love bad Bitches, Thats my fucking Problem, And Yeah I Like to Fuck I Got a Fucking Problem" Alexis Mocked Back, To 2 chainz and A$ap Song.

We got Out of The Car and Trayvon Called after Me.

"Hey Brittany You forgot your bag" He said Nicely

"Oh Thank you" I said smiling." Your Welcome" And he winked.

I got to 1st Period and the teacher started talking about the girl who died. I Remembered when I seen her On T.V The Day I was with Trayvon and Alexis.

"Hey Brittany, Did you go to That Party", Asked This kid named scott, his asian Very Smart, He and I barely talk but his pretty nice. " No, how was it" I told Him. " It Was alright I lot of Grinding and Shaking of the booty" He said Laughing.

Kids were whispering and I Didn't know what they were talking about but they kept looking at me, I was confused and nervous. For a second i thought they found out about what happened two days ago.

The Bell Rang and I got up, Everyone Just stared for a second then everyone left.I just stood there for a second than Left the room.

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