What's on my roof?

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  • Dedicated to Sofia S

Katie's POV

It was a fine summer morning when I was tending my rose garden when I noticed something brown dripping.I had walked out of my cabin without even looking at it.I ran out of my garden and I saw CHOCOLATE MELTING FRIGGIN' BUNNIES! REALLY! I said to myself on a really good day.I knew exactly who did it. I stood about ten feet away from the Hermes cabin and screamed "STOLLS, GET YOUR FRIGGIN BUTT OVER HERE!! Two figures emerged from the cabin. Travis Stoll and Conner Stoll."What do want Katie" Conner lazily replied."Yeah you woke us up from our beauty sleep".Travis said with a smirk on his face.Enough of this I thought."Can you explain why the hell there are CHOCOLATE BUNNIES ON THE ROOF!!"It was a prank Katie-kat" Travis said."don't call me that" I snapped."And how come you only prank my cabin,why not the Iris cabin or the Nemis cabin"I yelled I was so sick of being pranked every day."is there something in the Demeter cabin that you need so bad and you think the only way to get it is to prank it every day!" I shouted.I watched the twins from tartarus to see if they were going to say something.Finally Travis's lips moved I could'nt hear what he saying so I shouted"WHAT DID YOU SAY i DIDN'T HERE YOU!"He rolled his eyes and walked in his cabin.Conner looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as if he didn't hear Travis either.Whatever I thought and went to clean the bunnies on my roof.

wow I used friggin twice.Anyway is you want to know why there is cussing,it's cuz they are teens.What rating would you call this G,PG,PG-13.Bye my um what should i call you comment on what I should call you.

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