At His Beck and Call - PART TWO

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Enjoy! :)

I was paralyzed with fingers were still deeply inbedded into my cúnt. 

I didn't know how I would be able to retract them without the slushie sound of my wetness alerting Mr. Adduci. 

I pursed my lips, willing myself not to moan as one of my fingers grazed my clít softly. 

"Fúck" the moan escaped from me anyway and I gasped at the realization. Mr. Adduci was silent in his stall next to mines

Until his feet shuffled, and suddenly- I had the naughtiest thought ever.

What if...I just took a peek to see how big it was.

A peek wouldn't hurt, right?

I only wanted to see if the bulge in his pants did him justice. 

Before I could stop myself, I was already standing on the toilet seat and leaning over my stall to see into his.

I felt like such a pervert, but for some reason I felt compelled to see what Mr. Adduci was working with in his pants.

I was not disappointed.

The length of Mr. Adduci's cóck was almost inhumane, and maybe that was because he was hard-

but why...

A faint blush spread across my cheeks as I realized how I had called out his name mere moments earlier. 

I was entranced by the size of the thing- the tip was pink, and oozing precúm. It was held in a relaxed grip, by Mr. Adduci himself, and I nearly died when slowly..Mr. Adduci began to pump his cóck.

The foreskin shifted back and forth as he closed his eyes in sheer pleasure. He bit his lip to contain the groan that I so badly wanted to hear.

I leaned further against the stall, practically drooling as Mr, Adduci tightened his grip around his rod and wanked faster.

His breathing became shallow, and he muttered a curse under his breath as he smoothed his thumb over the tip of his cóck.

He breathed in sharply, and then he was off again. "Pollyana" He moaned

and..I froze.

Seriously? Polly-fúcking-ana?

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