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I can't help the fact I like to be alone
It might sound kinda sad, but that's just what I seem to know
I tend to handle things usually by myself
And I can't ever seem to try and ask for help

Traci's pov
"Do you wanna dance with me?"he asked,"oh!uh,I kinda don't know how to dance Ted...."I said.i fiddled with my fingers,"it's ok babe I'll teach you!"he said.i blushed when he called me babe,"O-Ok!"I stuttered.he held my hand and led me to the dance floor,"follow my moves."Ted said.i nodded,I at least tried to dance but it's kinda hard to dance in heels."Woah!"i said as I almost fell backwards,"i got you!"Ted said as he grabbed me.we both froze and stopped to look at each other,I felt like getting lost in his chocolate brown eyes.we both blushed,"alright guys it's time to announce our next prom king and queen!"Jackie King said."excellent!i wonder who the next prom king and queen are."Ted said,"what if you're prom king dude?"his friend Bill S.Preston esq said.

"That would be most triumphant!"Ted said happily,meanwhile I felt awkward and out of place."and your next prom king and queen are...."we all anxiously looked at Jackie King as she opened the envelope that contained who the next prom king and queen were,I felt Ted hold my hand.i blushed and looked at our hands,I then looked at him.he gently smiled at me,I smiled back.

"Ted Logan and Traci Chapelle!"

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