What his parents think of you

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Gilinsky- They love you and think that you're a great influence on him. They live that you keep him on his feet and that you are always proper around them.
Johnson- They want you two to get married and have tons of grandchildren. Thy think you're the one that will always be faithful and honest. They think you're a hard working girl and you'll always do your best to keep him at his best.
Sammy- They like you but they're not crazy about how you two met. They think you're very nice and pretty, they just don't know how well you and Sammy would be if you got married and had kids.
Nate- They love you. They think you're absolutely amazing and they love that when you walk into a room Nates eyes light up. Just the way you look at each other shows them that you're truly in love and they can't wait for your wedding and for you to have little Nates running around.

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