this story is probably not gonna be that long maybe 10 chaps because I don't know that many roman numerals haha and the chapters are really notes are bold.

This story is about a boy trying to convince a girl not to commit suicide... I don't want to offend anyone this is all fiction so no matter the outcome don't hate on me. Leave your opinion/insight in the comments and vote. I'll either update this story every so often (1-2 a month) not on schedule or on a goal basis. tell me what you prefer.

ok sprinkleberries let's get fucking started... oh warning: swear words and other issues is why it's pg 13. I'll try to keep it pg 13

POV Calum

"Why didn't you guys wake me up, you know I hate driving at night" I whine at them

"yeah well, you're the little shit who fell asleep" Michael fires back

"Aww, fuck you michael"

"I will not tolerate swearing" Ashton says from the kitchen

"yeah, well it's my place so I'll swear if I want" michael says

"just go, they're just cranky. I'll order them pizza" Luke sighs putting down his beer

" yeah, well. It's monday tomorrow so I should get going" I say to luke.

"Bye" I shout to michael and ash who are busy arguing over our constant swearing. They don't hear me, but I'm sure they'll text me later half drunk over their asses.

I grab my jacket and unlock the car door.

I hate driving at night, I have to drive past barren land with no lighting and bridges and wacked up shit and worry about running over a chicken or a cat. I pull out of the driveway and turn the radio on, I hate silence. I can't stand not hearing anything, i get bored and fall asleep.

I'm veering onto a bridge when I see a girl. She's leaning over the edge, if she's not careful she might...


I stop the car and rush up to her, moving her away from the ledge.

" What the fuck are doing? You almost fell off the bridge." I say grabbing her and moving her away from the bridge's ledge.

" That was the fucking idea" she breaks away from me, on the verge of tears.

"Were you going to commit suicide?"

"why do you care?"

"I don't know, isn't that what I'm suppose to do... stop you?" I ask in response

"No, people don't understand that sometimes its better not to be alive... to not feel pain"

" Is there any way I can help, lessen the pain"

"No, just walk away and pretend this never happened. okay?"

"No, just c'mon let's talk go eat okay?"

"Then will you leave me alone."

"yes, okay if I can't convince you by the end of the day I'll.... I'll let you"

"You're not going to leave" she says

"no" I shake my head and put a hand out for her to grab

She grabs it and follows me to her car. I open the door and she slides in, her expression once in the car conveys emptiness and sadness.

I drive over the bridge and drive towards the nearest diner. it's only open until 12, but that's all I have.

"I'm Calum Hood, and I want to help you"

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