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Ashley's POV

I notice Letty being on edge today. Something is bothering her. Getting up from under my car I walk towards her. "You okay?" She looks up.

She is unsure if she can speak. The others quickly turn away to give us a moment. "Yeah it's just that guy keeps popping in my head." This could really cause some trouble for us. Before I can speak again. Ivory comes closer.

"Fritz gave a emergency signal." Grabbing my pistol. I show Letty that we should go. Shaw looks up from his papers. I walk towards him. "We need to talk about Letty."

With that I climb into the black SUV. Letty, Ivory, Jah and me. The moment we arrived at Fritz place I could tell something was off. Next moment gunshots are fired. We ran inside taking cover trying to find clear shots.

Ivory takes a bike but doesn't get far because he is shoot down. Dead. I see Fritz running towards the door. Making sure I'm covered I take a shot at him. He falls down into a oil puddle. Dead.

Showing Letty a tunnel I push her to go for it. I stay back just to see Jah disappear into a tunnel with two guys behind him. Gisele is working on the computer. "I wouldn't do that if I were you.

She stops and turns to look at me. "I recognize you. You were the woman Braga were so scared off." Smiling I look around the place. Fritz knows how to fuck shit up.

"He had reason to be scared." She reaches for her gun but I shoot at it. Pushing it out of reach. She walks back untill her back hits the desk. "Is Shaw worth fucking your family over?"

Walking closer I put my gun in my waistband. Standing right infront of her. "Shaw is my family." With that i grab her hair slamming her head against the concrete. She'll have a nasty headache when she wakes up but not my problem.

I take the tunnel Letty took. I know that bitch Riley took after her. I found them fighting. Riley picks Letty up and slams her face into the wall. That definitely caused a bloody nose.

"Why don't you take on someone your own size?" She turns around and throws a punch to my face. I block it with my arms up and all in one movement connects my knee to her ribcage. I can hear them cracking.

She falls down onto her knees screaming in a sort of painful manner. She grabs my ankle but I twist my way out and slam her head to the ground. She is out cold.

I pick Letty up and we disappear into the train. Her nose is bleeding and she has anasty cut above the eyebrow. When we reached the SUV Jah shows up too.

Getting in we speed off. Back at the warehouse Letty is whipping the last bit of blood of. Walking in she walks infront. "We lost Ivory." Shaw looks up.

He and Vegh are busy with the strategy for the next part of the plan. Drawing up plans and finer details. She looks over at me. I stand next to Jah. "Thanks."

Shaw continues to draw on the paper infront of him. Everyone is quiet. Letty snickers. "That's it?" Shaw looks up again. Vegh too. She puts her pen down.

"If Ivory is dead he made a mistake. You make a mistake you pay the price." She full on laughs right now. Turns to look at me. "You two are perfect for one another. So that's the speech you're gonna give the rest of us when we go out."

She turns on her heel and bumps my shoulder as she walks away. Shaw throws his pencil down and starts to walk in her direction. I step infront of him.

Placing my right hand on his sculpted abs. He looks at me. "Let her cool off. She got her ass handed to her at the subway." The look in his eye's doesn't disappear. I can feel the tension radiating from his body.

I let my left hand travel up his right arm. Massaging it slowly. I reach up and give him a small kiss. I pull back and look at him. Vegh stands up and mentions the others to follow her.

 Vegh stands up and mentions the others to follow her

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She sends me a quick wink and then dissapear. Shaw grabs my waist and pull me closer. Hands sliding towards my ass. Pulling me up for a heated kiss. I jump and wrap my legs around his waist. Not breaking our kiss.
His hands give my ass a squeeze and he took my moan as a chance to put his tongue in my mouth. He starts to walk towards our bed. He threw me down and took off his shirt. Climbing onto of me. Kissing me with so much passion.
Dominic's POV
We all wait to hear if they could find out some information ons Shaw. It bothers me that he is one step ahead all the fucking time.

The doors open and I see Han carry Gisele in his arms. Roman has Riley in his. It looks like a trian ran over them. "What the fuck happend."

Roman puts Riley down on a chair the same goes for Gisele. Han and Roman both fall down next to the table leaning their heads back. "We got our ass kicked."

Hobbs steps forward. Riley hiss. Looks like she broke some ribs. Nasty cut on her forehead. Gisele just looks disoriented. "I or we met Shaw's girlfriend. She's lovely."

Riley points to herself and Gisele. Ashley did that to them. Gisele nods in agreement. Riley is highly trained. She was in the military and Ashley got to her like this.

Brian rushes forward with the med kit. Starting to help them. Patch them up. Tej walks over towards me. "There is a street race tonight."

With that he walks over to hear about what happened to Roman and Han.

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