im done.

it's too much.

i just found out one of my internet friends was nowhere near who he said he was and I'll never talk to him again

his name was drew

and he was a fake

and now I'll never talk to him again

he was funny and random and fun and he actually gave a fuck about me

he was one of my best friends

i really thought he was real...

so many memories and jokes and conversations that are all gone

I'll never get to see him again

it hurts

so im done

with the internet

attaching myself to strangers

im sorry to you all.

Kelsey #1, Kelsey #2, Alex, Sam, Claire, Kristine, all my readers


I'll miss you.

But it's for the best. It's unhealthy what I've done. I'm not even supposed to be on here. I'm not allowed and im not helping myself.

Thank you for all the love, support, readers, fans, jokes and memories

I'll never forget you.

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