20 Facts About Me!

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1. My full name is: Alex Saffire Frawley
2. I am 18
3. I live in NewZealand Auckland
4. I have a mum, dad, sister and brother
5. I have a best friend/boyfriend called River
6. I love marvel and comics
7. I like anything cute and stuff
8. Everyone is my friend
9. I play: Basketball, volleyball,football and I'm a part of the swimming squad (that means pro team)
10. I have 2cats,2dogs,a bunny,a pig and a ginny-pig
11. I was born In Europe
12. I love food
13. I love the colours: blue,white, silver and gold
14. I'm a geek (I love Minecraft, black ops ect.)
15. I don't wear much make up ( mascara and lip gloss)
15. I like to read... That's why I'm on WattPad!
16. I scare people a lot
17. Whenever I feel stressed I sit in the spa (it's so weird)
18. I have only ever had 3 boyfriends
19. I have a birth mark on my arm that is really tiny
20. I love you guys! 😛

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