I was thinking a lot about this story and where I wanted to take it and I had one of those moments where everything just came together. So, good news is that I know how this story is going to end and I know roughly how many more chapters it's going to be. Bad news is that since I am so opposed to have super long stories I've found that I can't possibly fit everything I wanted into this story. Great news? There's going to be a sequel.

For the first time, it isn't going to be a spin off with another character. It's still going to focus on Nick and Libby and their circle of friends. I'm superrrrrrr excited to start writing it because there are going to be lots of twists and I already know what the prologue looks like and how the story is going to be written.  

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Chapter 25

Libby Ashford


                Three words.

                Five syllables.

                One line.

                Three words with five syllables in one line was enough to instill fear in me that grated down to my very core.

                Because I’m coming.

                I knew, I knew that it wasn’t over. I knew that he was never going to me go. No one ever escapes his grip and I was no exception. He wasn’t going to stop until I was gasping for breath under his torturous hands and then and only then would he bring me release in the form of death. He wasn’t going to stop until I was dead and gone to this world.


                I knew that Nick was shaking my shoulders and I knew that he was shouting my name but I couldn’t find it in me to respond. I could see his lips moving and I could make out the panic that was entering his dark eyes. I could see and hear it all but I couldn’t respond. I felt him take the letter from my hands and watched numbly as his eyes scanned over the simple four words. Rage filled his expression as he read the threatening message. I watched his lips move as he spoke to me but could not make out his words. Slowly, very slowly, my hearing faded away as I retreated into the farthest corner of my mind to process everything.

                The man who had allowed me to call him father, a loose term I’ll add, was intent on causing my death. He really wanted me to die. I couldn’t fathom the reason why he wanted me dead but then again I also couldn’t understand why he adopted a child, two nonetheless, when he clearly wasn’t interested in having a family.  I couldn’t recall ever doing something to bring his wrath upon me. I was the dutiful child he demanded I be; I went through years of piano lessons until I mastered the elegant instrument, I did my required years of dance before he let me quit, I excelled in school, and most of all I did nothing to tarnish his influential name. My mind whirled as I remembered my life in blurred images and clumsy movements and yet in all the chaos that my life was, there wasn’t ever an event that could have angered him to this extent.

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